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Achieving a Successful Corporate Travel Management Program


Achieving a Successful Corporate Travel Management Program

Despite taking a back seat during COVID-19, corporate travel has recovered substantially. Continue exploring to know the nitty-gritty details of making your corporate travel program successful.

What Exactly Is a Corporate Travel/Trip Program and its Management?

A corporate travel program is not like any other travel program. Companies across the world arrange corporate trips or travel programs through which their employees make business connections, close business deals, and meet new people important for bringing in more bucks. However, not all business owners or corporate leaders travel with a business purpose in mind.

So, what type of business needs corporate programs for travelling?

Starting from marketing and sports agencies to any B2B or B2C companies, any organisation can arrange corporate trips. Corporate programs for businesses can even involve celebrities or sportspersons for ad campaigns.

Now, irrespective of the exact purpose of business travel, any company already has a lot on its plate. Neither the employee nor any person in higher authority has the time to oversee and chalk out everything involved in their business travel.

So, here comes the entry of a travel management company for monitoring every important aspect of your business travel program. Corporate travel management companies offer tools and guidance to travelers through the complete management of your businesses travel program. From the start of the trip to the end, they guide you to remove the hassles of arranging everything on your own. This helps you to remain your charming self so you can focus purely on your business during travelling and networking.

Moreover, renowned management companies offer global corporate travel solutions capable of giving coverage for comprehensive travel guidance. Businesses should settle with a management company best suited for handling employee welfare during company trips. If organisations include frequent overseas travel in their programs, they should pair with a travel management company experienced with handling foreign business travel.


What Makes A Corporate Travel Management Program Successful? 

Many factors influence the success of travel programs. A wide range of comprehensive factors dictates what your employees or executives involved are going to feel about the quality of your corporate travel planning. Coming from the service sector, we know (and value) the hassle of overcoming the trickiness of making people feel good about something.

Not just any management company is capable of making your corporate travel programs successful just by taking care of one or two tasks. Managing any corporate travel requires a lot of planning, researching, scheduling, and, most importantly, staying in touch with their clients.

To plan everything from start to finish, like tickets, hotel bookings, and return flights, companies managing business trips use tools and team resources to help make any corporate travel impactful. Plus they have different ways of alleviating the stress of flying or travelling to distant areas for business.

Tools for Successful Management of Business Travel Programs

  • Ticket Booking 

Good knowledge of booking sites or software is very important to assist clients in ticket booking. Further, when clients get flight cancellations, they need comprehensive assistance in getting timely booking that helps them to avoid losing any business deal.

Importantly, the rates of flights or travelling costs can fluctuate. Any expert manager of a business travel program needs to update the client about the change in travel costs. They need to guide the clients in getting timely bookings and affordable arrangements (if present).

  • Accommodation Tools 

The quality of accommodation can make or break the success of any travel program. So, any manager handling corporate trips needs to keep themselves updated with accommodation options.

Moreover, not every customer has the same criterion for getting a comfortable stay. Plus, we believe travelling for the joy of seeing the world is different and indeed less stressful compared to travelling for the sake of networking and making business connections that bring money. So, any management company must make a staying arrangement best suited to corporate travelers.

  • Public Review Sites 

You can learn a lot about any supplier or hotel from public sites like trip advisor, Reddit, or any public listing on any website. Travel management companies for business trips must explore public sites to ensure they miss out on no important detail while booking arrangements for travelling employees.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance

Employees going on business trips once or a few times may not need corporate travel insurance. But, getting travel insurance even for a single trip is still recommended by experts. People going on multiple business trips or with several trips upcoming should secure travel insurance to overcome the following common risks that can occur during travelling.

  • Losing luggage or/and documents
  • Accidents giving medical expenses
  • Health issues
  • The sudden cancellation of flights or trip arrangements and hotel bookings
  • Travel scams
  • Sudden risks like natural calamities, terror attacks, or flight hijacking

Here, it’s important to note the involvement of the above in corporate trips. An organisation sponsoring business travel programs and sending employees on business trips is not legally bound to take insurance on behalf of its employees. But they should contact a travel management company that gives insurance assistance to corporate travellers as part of their duty of care.

An expert travel management company guides corporate employees on business trips with one-stop insurance solutions. They give the best assistance for risks that can occur during travelling with suitable insurance management.

  • Payment Solutions 

When you are managing corporate travel on behalf of businesses, you need to have smart and fast payment software or tools. Any skillful travel management organisation knows when and how to get the best out of corporate travel payment solutions.

With effective payment sites or software, you can assist your clients during urgent trip bookings or sudden cancellations. With expert knowledge of corporate travel payment solutions, you, as a part of a travel management company, can help your clients to have hassle-free payment processing.

Who Makes Your Corporate Travel Program Great?

  • Corporate Travel Agent 

Corporate travel agents are primarily given the task of making booking arrangements. They assist you in getting timely booking or flight arrangements. They carry out limited activities compared to any travel managers.

  • Corporate Travel Manager 

Corporate travel managers have a more comprehensive function. They assist companies in making their corporate trips customised based on the purpose and duration.

Besides, they collaborate with companies to know what they are trying to achieve during corporate travel. Based on the context of travelling, managers plan and develop a schedule best fitted to achieve the business goals.

They plan major aspects of the corporate travelling program based on the company budget. Managers collaborate with companies to know the activities present in their travel programs. Then the travel managers schedule the accommodation, flights and eating arrangements based on the travel plan.

Plus, the whole team involved with managing corporate trips plays a key role in giving stress-free travelling. Every action of the team leads to ensure every aspect, from ticket arrangement to accommodation, goes without hassles.


Ways to Achieve a Successful Corporate Travel Management Program

  • Focusing On the Purpose of Corporate Travel 

Corporate travel solutions function best when they are designed based on the travel purpose. Sports travel management is different from the management of business travel.

Plus, if you include celebrities for ad campaigns during corporate travel, you need priorities different from the ones you have during travelling with company employees. So, the more you focus on the corporate purpose of travel, the more you come up with better corporate travel solutions.

  • Emphasising Customer Satisfaction 

Undoubtedly, any program must receive customer satisfaction in order to become great. But as you are forming a corporate travel management program, you need different solutions for different clients to achieve that customer satisfaction.

With clients ranging from sports celebrities to corporate employees and entrepreneurs, you cannot make the program attend to everyone’s needs in the same way. With that being said, every corporate traveller is important irrespective of their background.

  • Safety and Security of Corporate Travellers

Any sort of travelling, irrespective of having a corporate purpose, can involve risks. Further, certain destinations are more prone to terror attacks or political movements. Corporate travel management companies must be aware of any volatile factors present in the country clients travel to.

Based on the situation, the corporate travel management company needs to prepare the travelers with essential resources, tools, and info. Corporate travel management companies need to focus on the safety and security of travelers on a trip to make their travel program successful.

  • Transparent Management of Travel Programs

Any customer values transparency in how you run the corporate program for travelling. The clarity in how you develop the pricing and how intricate your guidelines are determining the extent of your success in business travel programs.

Things We Value As Your Travel Managers 

We, as travel managers, value giving detailed global corporate travel solutions that take away the stress of your travel. We seek clarity and intricacy in crafting management solutions for the corporate trips of businesses.

We value the following things to give you the best possible travel management achievable.

  • Honesty and Commitment 

We operate with honesty during developing management policies so that you can get the best in the market. Honesty plays a big role while handling corporate trips of businesses. Without any strong verifying tools for customers, travel managers can easily give unnecessarily high fees. We offer transparency for determining the travel management and booking fees.

Our work commitment drives us to push our limits when many of our clients are faced with flight cancellations or in any complex situation.

  • Dedication

We dedicatedly work towards fulfilling your travel wish, from a comfy stay to getting healthy food in a remote location. Giving a good travel experience involves more than a single factor. So, we take care of every aspect to make your business travel stress-free and fruitful.

  • A Comprehensive Work Policy 

We ensure our team covers every detail that can make your corporate trip a success. Plus, a detailed travel policy helps in understanding how we function as the travel manager of your corporate programs.

  • Virtual Assistance 

Even after making you all ready with flight bookings and hotel stays, you can face unwanted delays or risks while away from your usual workplace. You can reach out to us through virtual platforms or calls to get instant guidance while you are on business trips.

Things We Value From Our Clients for Making Their Corporate Travel Programs Successful 

We value getting detailed information from our clients. The more detailed your information is, the more leverage we have in making your corporate trip stress-free.

  • What, When and How They Want 

We are not mind-readers despite being capable of having the best attempts to help you get the best out of your business trips. Our team members can only develop the best travel schedule if you provide us with your employees’ desired arrival and departure dates to business destinations.

Plus, when you provide us with specific details like the food allergy of any of your employees or hotel preference, we can give a customised corporate solution.

  • Their Budget 

We offer the best-customised solutions if you let us know your budget from the beginning of our professional relationship. We select options for flights and hotel accommodations based on the budget you have set aside for your business trips. Without any knowledge of your budget, we cannot give priority to your pricing choice even if we have the chance to do so.

Final Thoughts 

Make sure you get the best guidance and care by opting for a travel management company experienced in corporate travel solutions. A corporate travel management company guides you in important aspects like ticket booking, flight arrangements and hotel accommodations.

Further, the corporate travel management company you choose must have the skills to handle sudden cancellations and make sure the corporate business travellers have the best assistance. Above all, clarity and honesty go a long way in making a travel management programs successful.

If you need some help with booking your next business trip, you can contact The Travel Group