Can Outsourcing Your Business Travel Bookings Save You Money? 

Can Outsourcing Your Business Travel Bookings Save You Money? 

Can Outsourcing Your Business Travel Bookings Save You Money? 

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Can outsourcing business travel bookings save you money? It sounds a bit absurd right, to pay a company of travel experts to book your business travel rather than have your office manager or PA make the bookings instead. In the last few years, we saw a rise in the number of business travellers. As per a recent report by Morgan Stanley, the number is expected to increase in the coming years. However, in such a fast-paced business environment, companies may find it challenging to make business travel arrangements for their employees.

Corporate travellers need to have certain travel requirements fulfilled as their needs are not the same as someone travelling for leisure. This then means that finance managers and corporate executives need to have accurate financial statements. It all must be done quickly and effectively.

Fortunately, outsourcing business travel arrangements is not only easy but smart. As some companies employ several people who travel, it becomes especially cost-effective to outsource your business travel as one travel agency can handle the full account, it stands to reason that a company may end up realizing cost savings by using a travel management service. Some drawbacks have to be considered but for many, if not most companies, outsourcing travel management is the right business option.

Outsourcing your business travel bookings can save your company money as well as time. Having a travel management company handle your business trips for you can be highly beneficial.

A business travel agency like The Travel Group manages all elements of business travel for businesses. 

They perform the following functions: 

  • Make travel arrangements such as cruises, rental vehicles, flights and hotels. They also negotiate cost reductions with travel suppliers to get their clients the best available rates. 
  • The Travel Group assists companies in tracking travel expenses. This assists the company in staying under its trip budget and documenting all expenses
  • Assist organizations in adhering to travel rules. This can entail making sure business travellers have the right visas and permits, as well as being informed of local laws and customs. 
  • Support businesses and their employees with travel advice and assistance. These details are handled by a business travel consultant.

Benefits of corporate travel management services: 

1. Seamless booking process:  

 One of the major issues that most companies face is the complexities in the booking process. It can be very daunting to book different flights, hotels, rental cabs etc. for different employees with various destinations and itineraries. Additionally, a lot of time is spent browsing through various third-party websites to choose the best and most cost-effective travel options, and any last-minute cancellations or changes in their business travel plan can make the process more difficult. 

By outsourcing your business travel arrangements to the Travel Group, you do not have to worry about any booking complexities as they handle all aspects for you. 

2. 24/7 Business Travel Support:

Your traveller’s well-being and safety on a business trip is a high priority for us. Travellers may encounter situations such as natural disasters, being stranded in an airport or a city due to a global pandemic, political unrest or loss of baggage. In these situations, travel managers must provide them with business travel support. However, assisting can be difficult during such situations because of variations in time zones, weekends or after-work hours.

Through outsourcing your business travel management you can overcome these issues. A travel management company provides round-the-clock travel assistance to your employees in case of such emergencies. The Travel Group possesses a skilled and committed workforce that can assist your employees in handling unexpected circumstances. 

3. Travel policy compliance. 

Travel policy violations are among the most common problems that travel managers and companies face. Employees violate travel policy for various reasons.

By outsourcing your business travel management, you can ensure travel policy compliance. With the help of software, your business travellers can get real-time visibility of the travel policy. This prevents them from making any out-of-policy bookings or expenses. Additionally, business travellers and approvers are instantly notified if any out-of-policy bookings are made. This way, travel managers don’t have to keep a check on any policy violations. 

4. Cost optimisation

Optimising business travel costs is another major challenge that companies and travel managers face. Corporate travel management services can assist organizations in saving money on travel expenses by negotiating discounts with travel providers, tracking expenses and providing cost-cutting advice. 

To guarantee the greatest level of convenience for your travellers. The specialized corporate travel management service keeps complete profiles on these systems. Which are instantly imported into all your bookings. Your travel policy is kept up to date and is always adhered to. 

As a full-service provider option for corporate travel for companies of all sizes, any travel budget can be maximized by The Travel Group. We are committed to providing specialized business travel options. 

They assist businesses in planning business trips, managing travel needs and providing useful information about hotels and other essential travel facilities. Read our article: Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you? to find out more. 

 Business Travel Bookings

We have reasoned and given a few positives but most people would like to see facts and so we investigated if booking through a Travel Management company saves you money:  

 Let’s see:  

1. Problem: Lots of admin for the internal team. 

Solution: Let a travel expert do it. 

Saving opportunities: 

  • Financial savings equivalent to. 8.5 full-time staff members. 
  • Your existing staff will get time back in their day to focus on other tasks. 
  • Less stress for everyone.

2. Problem: Outdated manual processes. 

Solution: Self-service portal for travel requests. Automated invoice entry with coding, automated approval e-mail trigger to request travel approval. 

Saving opportunities: 

  • Time saved for everyone from your finance team to the travellers themselves  
  • Fewer financial mistakes for invoices being missed or trips not approved in time. 

 3. Problem: Inconsistency in process across regions. 

Solution: New consistent process in all regions, including one company-approved travel management company. 

Saving opportunity:  

  • One process to adhere to and communicate. This results in quicker understanding and time freed up. 
  • With everyone booking with one company, reviewing all company travel, spending and budget in one place. 

4. Problem: Missed information from invoices. 

Solution: Configure an online tool to set up mandatory fields before trips are booked

Saving opportunities: If bookings are all made through the same channel consistently, the team can quickly see travel rates per person. 


We invite you to join us on this journey to provide an evolving business travel experience where there is no limit to delivering service and helping our clients succeed in what they do through their travel. Book a free travel assessment and see what The Travel Group can do for you and your business travel. Want to know more about how a business travel agency can save you money, then read this article 7 Ways a Travel Management Company Can Save Your Business Money

 Business Travel Bookings
 Business Travel Bookings
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Corporate Travel Booking- Everything you need to know

Corporate Travel Booking- Everything you need to know

Corporate Travel Booking- Everything you need to know

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Corporate travel booking is a fundamental aspect of corporate travel management and requires strategic planning to ensure your business travellers have an efficient and safe journey. However, navigating all the intricacies of corporate travel can be a daunting task and you may feel unsure where to start.

This article contains corporate travel management essentials to help you navigate your company’s business travel. As well as help you make the right decisions for your corporate travel booking process.

Corporate travel management is no easy task and ensuring all aspects of a business trip are thoroughly planned and organised takes considerable time. Corporate travel agencies have industry experts that can make the corporate travel booking process more simple and effective.

What is Corporate Travel?

Corporate travel, also known as business travel, refers to any travel that is intended for work or business purposes. These purposes may include conferences, client meetings, visiting other offices, training and more.  

What is Corporate Travel Management?

Corporate travel management involves the strategic handling of travel by a company. It includes planning, organising and managing employee travel. The primary aim of corporate travel management is to ensure employees’ journeys are safe and efficient while adhering to the company’s travel policy.

How Do Most Companies Handle Their Corporate Travel?

There are various ways to handle your corporate travels and factors like the company’s size, resources, travel requirements and travel volume are all things that should be considered when deciding which approach is best for your company.

Common approaches to managing Corporate Travel include:

Booking Websites: This allows employees to book airfare, accommodation, car rentals etc via an online booking tool. Employees make their own bookings and then submit receipts to the company for reimbursement.

Travel Agencies: These travel agencies assist with booking flights, accommodation and other travel services.

Travel Management Companies: All aspects of travel management are outsourced to a travel management company (TMC) that specialises in corporate travel. TMCs offer various services that help ensure business travel is efficient and cost-effective.

Why should businesses use Corporate Travel Management Agencies?

Using a TMC also known as a corporate travel agency has many benefits for a company, let’s look at the top three:

Time-Saving: Planning and organising a business trip can take a lot of valuable time. A corporate travel agency will handle all the various tasks of business travel for you, so you have time to focus on other important things in your company.

Reduce Travel costs: One of the biggest benefits of using a corporate travel agency is reduced travel costs. Through their industry expertise, they can save you money on accommodation, airline tickets, insurance and more. Their experience will ensure you receive the best possible rates for your business travel.

Efficiency: Corporate Travel agents ensure all business travellers are safe throughout their journey while adhering to the company’s travel policy.

If you are looking for more benefits of corporate travel agencies then read this article:

Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you?

Corporate Travel Booking

In-House vs External Corporate Travel Management

There are two main ways to handle your Corporate Travel Management :

1. In-house Travel Management:

This is an employee you hire to handle the company’s business travel needs. They are responsible for booking trips, making last-minute changes to itineraries as well as finding ways to save costs and get the best deals for the business traveller and the company. An in-house travel manager will ensure you will be able to work alongside them which allows greater control and makes the planning process easier.

However, an in-house travel manager may have limited expertise compared to a corporate travel agent, this could have an impact on cost savings and travel efficiency. Time constraints can also be an issue as managing business travel is time-consuming and the employee may have other responsibilities leading to time conflicts and a decrease in productivity. Hiring someone for this specific role will also require investment into hiring, training and equipping them for the role.


2. External Travel Management Company:

Travel management companies are industry experts who have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to business travel. This ensures they can maximise your cost savings and get the best rates for your business travels. Not only do they save you money but they can also save you valuable time. As they are an external company you are not paying them a salary but rather a fee or commission every time they make you a booking. They also offer 24/7 support and a dedicated agent meaning they can assist you or your travellers anytime with whatever issue arises.

As they are an external company you don’t have as much control over the travel process. There could also be potential communication gaps through delayed responses or miscommunication which could lead to errors and misunderstandings. Travel management companies also come with additional fees therefore it is important to evaluate the benefits and decide if they outweigh the additional costs of hiring an external travel management company.   


What are the Tasks of a Corporate Travel agent?

TMCs offer various services, with corporate travel agents being responsible for the following tasks when it comes to your business travel:

Developing itineraries: A corporate travel agent will ensure all itineraries are thoroughly planned and optimised to ensure an efficient journey for business travellers.

Organising appropriate accommodation: Organising the right accommodation is an extremely important part of corporate travel management. A  corporate travel agent will find business travellers the best accommodation without going over the budget.

Finding the best rates: This is where a travel agent’s expertise shines. They find and negotiate the best rates and have access to special rates not available to the general public.

Organising transportation: This is another key aspect of business travel that can have a big impact on a business traveller’s journey. Corporate travel agents find the best transport options that will ensure the most efficient travel for business travellers.

Organising meetings and events: A corporate travel agent can assist with the planning process of organising meetings and events and can save you time and money.

Managing travel costs and policy compliance: Managing travel costs is the main task of a corporate travel agent. They ensure that all bookings and other travel costs are in line with the travel policy.


List of Corporate Travel Management Companies

Outsourcing your corporate travel management can be highly beneficial for your company and can save you time and money. Their experience and knowledge allow for a more smooth and simple planning process.

In the article below we have done the research and have put together a list of the best Travel Management Companies in the UK.

Top 10 Business Travel Agencies UK

This list will help you find the right travel management company for your business travel needs.


Corporate travel booking is a complex, time-consuming process that requires a lot of planning and experience for a business trip to be effective. Using a Travel Management Company comes with many benefits that can take your business travel to a new level while saving time and money.

The Travel Group is a leading travel management company that provides companies with a complete travel solution from booking flights to arranging VIP services. They understand that every company has unique business travel needs and create fully customisable solutions. Book a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travel needs.

Corporate Travel Booking
Corporate Travel Booking
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Booking Business Trips – The Guide

Booking Business Trips – The Guide

Booking Business Trips – The Guide

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Booking business trips aren’t as simple and easy as it may sound. Travel managers must take care of all the travel details from flights to hotel bookings while ensuring everything aligns with the business trip itinerary.
A business trip needs to be well planned to ensure the trip is productive, business travellers are satisfied and the trip is cost-effective. But where do you start?

Below we will look at the essentials all travel managers need to consider when booking business trips.

Booking Business trips requires a lot of planning and research to ensure the business trip runs smoothly and that the business traveller has a positive experience.

1. Business trip details:

A thorough research of the business trip destination is essential. As a travel manager, you should know all the details about the place your travellers are going to. This includes knowing things like food, the language spoken, weather conditions, the safety of the area and hotel, the modes of transport, hotel distance from the airport etc. Travel managers should also be aware of any political situations, civil unrest or any other ongoing crisis. Knowing all the details about the business trip and the destination will ensure you can plan the trip and the itinerary effectively. It is important that you also pass on the information to the travellers so they are aware of all the details.

2. Company’s Travel Policies:

When booking business trips you need to stay within the company’s travel policy. A travel policy is a guideline on the various rules and regulations around business travel and allows travel managers to manage business trips more easily. A travel policy is essential as it can help reduce business travel expenses, make the booking process easier and keep it consistent. When booking flights and hotels for business travellers you need to make sure the bookings are compliant with the travel policy to ensure the company’s bottom line is maintained.

3. Deals on Flights and Hotels:

Finding the best deals and discounts for flights and hotels is an important part of booking business trips. Research dates or times that are better priced, look for flights or hotels that offer corporate discounts, make bookings well in advance, negotiate reasonable rates with hotels and compare rates of various hotels and flights to ensure you find the best deals.
Another option is using a Travel Management Company (TMC) to do everything for you. Through their industry relationships, TMCs have access to deals and rates not accessible to the general public. This means they can provide you with a wide range of flights and hotels at discounted prices.

4. Right Accommodation:

Selecting the right accommodation for your travellers is essential as this can make their travel experience either a positive or negative one. The right accommodation will ensure your travellers feel comfortable and can rest well. Travel managers need to consider the following factors when choosing accommodation:
Reviews: Reading reviews before making a booking is essential. Read online reviews from third-party websites to get an overall idea regarding the cleanliness, service, amenities, location, safety, and food quality of the hotel.
Amenities: Look for hotels that offer various amenities like a gym, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant etc. These amenities will help your business travellers to relax and unwind after a long day of meetings.
Location: Ensure the hotel you are booking is in a safe area and travellers can easily travel to the various places they need to get to.
Security: Safety and security should be a priority when booking hotels for business travellers. Make sure the hotels have the necessary security features to make travellers feel safe.
Food preferences: When booking a hotel consider the traveller’s meal preferences and ensure the hotel offers the food your traveller prefers.

5. Travellers’ Preferences:

Business trips should be a positive experience for business travellers, therefore, taking note of their travelling preferences is essential. Some travellers have certain flight preferences due to the airline’s service, flight times, meal choices etc. When booking flights and even hotels keep their preferences in mind and try to accommodate them as best as possible to ensure a positive experience and productive trip.

Booking Business Trips

6. Concierge Services:

These are additional services offered to business travellers and include things like lounge access, business travel insurance, vehicle parking and more. Book these services well in advance to ensure the trip is more convenient.
A TMC can help provide these concierge services to business travellers. TMCs can easily make concierge service arrangements through partnerships with various service providers.

7. Individual details:

It’s essential that when booking business trips you have the traveller’s documents ready. Travel managers should have the following travel documents on hand:
-Passport and travel visa
-Copies of ID Documents
-Travel Insurance
-Flight Tickets
-Travel Itinerary
-Proof of Vaccinations
-Accommodation Bookings
Providing your business traveller with copies of these documents digitality and physically is important to ensure they can travel without issues and don’t get stuck anywhere.

8. Detailed itinerary:

Preparing an itinerary is a complicated task that can take a long time to create, however having a detailed itinerary is extremely important for you and your business travellers. Itineraries make sure you do not miss anything important and that all aspects of a business trip have been planned for. It can also help you budget correctly for the trip as a whole and can save your travellers a lot of time during their journey. When creating an itinerary it is important to include the following details:
-Flight details
-Hotels and accommodation
-Sightseeing places

9. Emergency contacts:

Any business trip can be met with unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt the business travellers’ journey. These circumstances can cause travellers to become stressed and panicked, it is therefore important that business travellers are prepared beforehand for any situation. Ensure you provide travellers with emergency contact details as well as whom to contact under these circumstances.
Using a TMC can ensure your business travellers have support 24/7 for any unexpected circumstances.

10. Travellers’ personal time:

Business trips can make business travellers feel exhausted, grumpy and stressed. This is why providing them with space and free time to do things they enjoy or to just relax is essential. This free time allows them to connect with their families, go for a walk, or enjoy some sightseeing. Allocating business travellers with free time is necessary for a productive and successful business trip as it allows them to rest, relax and relieve stress.


Booking business trips requires travel managers to consider and plan many aspects to ensure a positive and productive business trip. Everything must be planned and organised before the business travellers leave to ensure a smooth journey. With so many aspects to consider it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

That’s where The Travel Group comes in. The Travel Group is a travel management company ready to help organise all aspects of your business trip. Their industry experts can assist with creating travel solutions that are fully customizable for your specific travel needs. The Travel group does it all from booking flights to organising VIP services. Their industry knowledge and outstanding customer service provide you and your business travellers with peace of mind. Book a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travel.

Booking Business Trips
Booking Business Trips
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B2B Travel Agency: How they can benefit your business

B2B Travel Agency: How they can benefit your business

B2B Travel Agency: How they can benefit your business

Written by

A B2B travel agency can elevate your business travel to a new level, through a streamlined process and access to expert advice. Businesses are always looking for ways to make booking and planning business trips easier and less stressful. According to a recent report by Travel Perk, 87% of business travellers and business travel managers want more streamlined booking processes. If you are reading this article, there is a big chance you are part of that percentage and need some help. 

Below we will answer important questions like what is a B2B travel agency, what is their role and how can they benefit your business trips.

Using a B2B travel agency has many benefits for businesses and can save them valuable time and money through their comprehensive business travel services.

What is a B2B travel agency?

B2B travel agencies provide businesses and organisations with services related to their specific travel needs. They are also referred to as business travel agencies and assist businesses in planning, booking and organising all aspects of a business trip. A B2B travel agency ensures all business trips are tailored to a business’s specific needs and their industry knowledge ensures you always have access to the best travel advice. They offer many services from booking flights to helping you develop a comprehensive travel policy.  

B2B Travel agency’s role

A B2B travel agency’s role is to simplify the process of organising a business trip. They assist businesses by streamlining the booking process, negotiating rates and saving the business money, sticking to the business travel policy, providing technology solutions and offering support and assistance. A B2B agency’s role is to ensure that all business trips are effective and well-organised so that the travellers can achieve their objectives and goals for the business trip. 

B2B Travel Agency

The Benefits of a B2B Travel Agency  

Using a B2B travel agency is highly beneficial for businesses and can ensure an overall more effective process for planning business trips. 

Let’s look at some of these benefits: 

1. Save businesses money: B2B travel agencies can help businesses reduce their travel costs. Their industry knowledge and well-established relationships with various vendors and service providers mean they can provide businesses with exclusive rates and deals not normally accessible. B2B travel agencies also provide businesses with expense management solutions so businesses can understand and track their travel expenses more accurately.  

Using a B2B travel agency also ensures that your travel policy is always adhered to. They can also assist with developing a travel policy so your travellers have clear guidelines and rules when it comes to business trips helping you to prevent unnecessary spending and allowing more control over your traveller’s expenses. 

2. Streamlined process: Booking business trips requires various aspects to be considered and organised which can take up valuable time. Sending emails back and forth to vendors, trying to find the best rates and reviewing and approving various quotes is a time-consuming, frustrating process. A B2B travel agency provides you with a simplified and streamlined process as they handle all aspects of a business trip for you. They provide comprehensive services that allow all aspects of business travel to be combined into one platform. This means you have one centralised port of call for all your business travel needs, saving you precious time to focus on other business aspects. 

3. Access to experts and their industry knowledge: Planning and booking a business trip can be very complicated and has many factors to consider. As B2B travel agencies are industry experts they know exactly what’s needed for a business trip to be effective as well as all the ins and outs of business travel. Their knowledge and advice allow businesses to make better decisions around their business travel and ensure their business trips are fully optimised. They are also able to assist businesses with risk management and can provide advice about duty of care ensuring your traveller’s safety. 


4. Customised travel solutions: A B2B travel agency understands that every business is different and therefore needs unique travel solutions. This means they can customise your business travel so that it is in line with your business’s objectives and goals. They ensure that your business trips fit all your requirements and needs from complicated itineraries to VIP arrangements. Many B2B travel agencies also assign a dedicated travel expert to you ensuring all your travel needs are met and understood.


To sum it all up using a B2B travel agency has many advantages for a business and its business travel. They can assist businesses with various aspects of business travel to ensure all business trips are effective and successful. Working with a good B2B travel agency can streamline your business travel process, save you time and money and allow you access to expertise and industry knowledge. 

The Travel Group is a business travel agency that can help you get the most out of your business trips. Their expert travel consultants are always ready to assist you with your business trip needs. The Travel Group provides businesses with various business travel services and ensures all aspects of a business trip are well-planned and effective. Take a Free Travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travel.