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Travel Management for Football Teams


Travel Management for Football Teams 

With $39.7 billion spent on sports tourism in 2021, one can surely understand the significance of sports travel management. Professional travel management companies for sports teams take care of travel details. This leaves teams free to concentrate solely on their performance. 

So, what exactly does a travel management company (TMC) do for a football or sports team? How different is sports travel management from group travel management?

Table of Contents :

  1. Football Vs Group Travel Management: What’s the Difference?
  2. Why Do Football Teams Need A TMC?
  3. A TMC Can Optimise Your Travel Budget
  4. VIP Treatment and Privacy Concerns
  5. TMCs Are Accurate: Fewer Mistakes
  6. Duty of Care
  7. Full Travel Policy Adherence
  8. Other Sports Where TMCs Have Changed the Game
  9. Team Sports
  10. Cricket
  11. Rugby
  12. Individual Sports
  13. Tennis
  14. Badminton
  15. Boxing
  16. Golf
  17. Cycling

Football Vs Group Travel Management: What’s the Difference?

Group travel management differs from football management in terms of grandeur and the extent of strictness in implementing travel policies. Managing the sports travel program requires strong attention to arranging the schedule so the players can rest well between games.

Also, playoffs and sports events are intense and can deplete your energy quickly. Travel Management Companies (TMCs) that cater to football teams on trips must provide proper lodging, food, healthcare, and wellness amenities.

This will ensure that the players remain energised. Any flaw, even a trivial one, can negatively impact players’ well-being, affecting game performance.

Football teams often travel with chefs and doctors on trips. This is to ensure hassle-free management of their food and health requirements. It is also more effective.


Why Do Football Teams Need A TMC?

TMCs assess, plan and arrange every requirement so players can concentrate on games and keep themselves in the best form. Here are the details: 


Football players in regular games need proper rest to fuel their lost energy. Notably, suppose players travel for promotional or ad campaigns.

They have a tough schedule, emphasizing the importance of having good accommodation. This accommodation must have world-class facilities to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of food and rest. There must be no compromise.

Moreover, the selected hotel should comply with players’ check-in and check-out times aligned with the playing schedule. A TMC can provide players with a hotel that meets their needs, even when travel demand is high. This is possible due to a well-managed system and extensive research skills. 

Dietary Requirements

Getting food at the right time and with impeccable quality and nutrient value is crucial for players on a trip. TMCs managing football trips arrange timely food with uncompromised quality. Football teams don’t always travel with chefs. In those cases, TMCs search for hotels that can provide food that meets the players’ dietary needs. 

Transportation: Flights/Transfers/Coaches

Players must get transport options matching their game’s routine. Plus, they can have meetings with doctors or ad teams, which requires timely availability of cars or other transport options. A TMC hired for football teams evaluates the timely transport requirement during games. 

The hired TMC looks for quality transport options. These options should allow the players to take naps and conduct brainstorming for games during the journey. 

A TMC Can Optimise Your Travel Budget

Any travel management, including sports or football, can go overboard and pile up unnecessary costing. So, every important activity, from planning flights to managing sudden cancellations, must be operated expertly and conveniently.

Exercises, team meetings, and games are all important activities for players. It is unrealistic to expect them to manage costs using Excel and payment tools. So, you have TMCs that can monitor the budget for football travel management and look for loyalty programs for cost savings. Further, they know the best times for booking flights, hotels or car rentals with facilities that can prevent extra expenses.

VIP Treatment and Privacy Concerns

A sports team attracts attention wherever it goes from many sources, including commoners and media people. No one enjoys being pestered for autographs or dazzled by camera flashes outside of official news conferences or meetings. These moments can be intrusive and uncomfortable.

Plus, they need mental space and sanity to concentrate on games while playing events. So, they need a calm environment during outdoor activities like eating outside or travelling to training centres.

A TMC searches for and selects restaurants and hotels that can give the privacy a football team needs during business trips. TMC arranges transport options for the football team if they need to attend a promotional event during the trip. These options help maintain the team’s privacy.

TMCs Are Accurate: Fewer Mistakes

TMCs have resources, tools, and, most importantly, experience managing different clients. They know which, how and when you need your travel amenities.

Notably, mistakes in travel management bring impacts like delays which you can’t even overcome with extra expenditure. You may not find a suitable replacement flight in time if you book a flight with facilities you don’t need. It doesn’t matter how much extra money you spend.

The Travel Management Company (TMC) is essential. It ensures you have the right travel amenities at the right times. This prevents you from having a nervous breakdown on a corporate trip.

Duty of Care

Travel management has a duty of care policy. This policy structure is designed to protect the physical and emotional well-being of employees. Duty of care is a wide section in travel management involving health impact on food to fire safety.

The TMC has a knowledgeable and legally certified team. They understand how to look after clients while they are away from home for work. With tools and resources and, most importantly, planning and teamwork, TMC ensures you are cared for in a game destination.

Full Travel Policy Adherence

A travelling destination has norms that must be obeyed to avoid fines or legal repercussions. A place with excess religious influence requires you to maintain a certain degree of adherence to religious laws. A TMC can update you with community or regional norms of your travel destination and prepare you to maintain proper decorum.

Moreover, the flights and the travel destinations come with certain policies for consumers. TMCs help you to abide by the rules so that you can have a hassle-free travel experience.

Other Sports Where TMCs Have Changed the Game

Apart from football, TMCs can help other sports make their travel management hassle-free and impactful. We have divided sports into two groups: team and individual sports. This helps to easily identify TMC requirements for different sports.


Team Sports 

Managing travel for team sports requires a different set of expertise and patience. You need to consider every player’s choices in travel management for team sports.

Arranging food for the sports team requires finding an eating place that meets the dietary preferences of all team members. Search for a place that offers food that everyone can enjoy. Such is the complex nature of handling trip management for team sports.

We have listed several team sports below that can use TMCs for effective travel management. 


A cricket schedule can get very dynamically stressful. A cricket match differs in schedule depending on whether it’s a one-day match, test or T20. Based on the playing routine, the game can get very intensive.

Here it certainly helps to have a TMC. The hired TMC team crafts a travel management solution that goes with the routine of cricket players. And accordingly, they arrange for flights, lodging and food options.


A TMC can help hockey players relax and get timely flights to reach venues for matches or tournaments. The TMC team researches and brainstorms to get you basic travel amenities. These amenities meet your need for rest, napping, and practicing.


Rugby is not for the faint of heart. This explains the hard work that goes into producing a great game. Travel management for rugby sports requires considerable planning and effort. The Travel Management Company (TMC) ensures players have the energy and comfort to perform well in tournaments or games.


Individual Sports

Individual sports need the same attention to travel needs and planning required by group sports. Individual sports, such as tennis, require a different approach to travel management compared to team sports. This is because players of individual sports typically travel alone, while players of team sports travel in groups.

When arranging travel schedules for team sports, you need to develop a flight or lodging option that every team player prefers. When planning travel management for an individual sports player, it is important to consider only that player’s preferences and travel needs. Customize the plan to meet their unique requirements.

Below are the single sports that can have a lot of ease with a TMC for their travel management.


Tennis represents a lot of challenges with a continuous and unpredictable game schedule. It’s tricky to determine how long a tennis game will continue. Most importantly, tennis’s duration depends on players’ performance and wins or losses.

Players of a tennis-like game require a well-organized travel management solution from a TMC. This solution must be able to handle sudden changes in the game’s schedule. A well-managed TMC arranges for apt lodging and flights that match their tricky sports schedule.


A badminton match can either have singles or doubles, depending on which you have the game’s schedule. A Travel Management Company (TMC) can help badminton players get the most out of their travel plans. This makes it easier for them to transition from a day of playing badminton to a comfortable stay in a hotel.


Watching a boxing match can give you a hint of how intense and tiring it is. An adrenaline rush is experienced when a player is punched in the face. This gives you a better understanding of how demanding the game is.

A boxing game consists of 12 rounds. Each round has a duration of 3 minutes. There is a 1-2 minute break between each round.

Boxing players naturally need resting hours and well-selected places with proper food arrangements. These players can hire TMC to arrange proper hotels, food, and better transport options.


A golf match is less intensive than boxing or rugby. But playing golf requires essential qualities like great analytic thinking and strategic moves, as needed by other games across the globe. Further, not all golf tournaments have the same duration.

TMC’s expert team provides the essential travel amenities to help you stay calm. This allows you to make the shot.


Cycling is a seemingly simple, but there are many rules to decipher. This is especially true for different types of cycling races, such as slow and mountain cycling. Plus, depending on the selected cycling track, a player gets varying levels of cycling difficulty. That being said, its best that a TMC handles the logistics so you can focus on the above.

But with a professional and reliable TMC, you can get services that adapt to any cycling race. Don’t forget that arrangements need to be made to get your bike there!

Optimise Your Sports Travel Today With the Travel Group

You can rely on our expert team at Travel Group for any travel management solutions you need. We cover sports such as football, hockey, and more.

Our team is based in the UK and South Africa. With decades of experience, we can manage travel schedules irrespective of trip duration and travel location. Our team possesses expertise in handling different payment tools, flight arrangements, and other purposes.

Importantly we have robust risk management that reflects our strict adherence to duty of care. Our team evaluates political, environmental, and religious aspects. This allows us to provide our clients with the appropriate risk management resources for their corporate trip destination.

Team members are responsible for 24*7 contact with our clients. They provide guidance in times of unfortunate mishaps or sudden trip cancellations. Enough members are available to fulfill this responsibility.

Further, from flights to food, we plan comprehensively to make improved arrangements for our sports clients. We update the players if there’s been a change in the flight, accommodation, or other aspects. We prioritise communication and transparency from our end and sports clients to chalk out hassle-free travel management.