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Corporate Travel Management


Our Corporate Travel Management offering is fully customized because we understand that every client is different and each requires their own bespoke corporate travel management solution, it’s not a one-size-fits-all but rather a fully tailored service from pricing to preferences.

We invite you to join us on this journey to providing an evolving business travel experience where there is no limit to delivering service and helping our clients succeed in what they do through their travel.

Corporate Travel Management


We Don’t have a call Centre


That’s right, when our clients call us we answer right away, 24/7/365. This gives you complete and around-the-clock access to your dedicated agent. So whether your flight was cancelled, your baggage was lost or you need to change your accommodation, our travel experts are always ready to assist you at any time of the day.

We always put our customers first and pride ourselves in finding solutions to unexpected situations quickly so you can continue your journey with ease. This is peace of mind at its best!



Does Using a TMC Cost Me More?


That’s a good question! No, we have pre-negotiated rates and know how to find the lowest fares. This means that even after adding our ridiculously low booking fees, you’d still be saving money. We also save you time with our efficient booking process, and as we know time is money.

Not to mention our expertise in cost reduction advice, we might suggest shifting your dates by a day or two to avoid a holiday where fares spike.

We go out of our way to ensure your business trips are cost-effective and always compliant with your travel policy. Whatever is best for you is our choice of booking.

Cost-Saving Planning For Multiple Business Trips


We Do It All

From flights to transfers, insurance, visas, transportation, duty of care and accommodation. We do it all and we do it well. We make sure that every service we provide is of top quality. Rest assured you will be in good hands from way before, during and way after every business trip.

Need cash in the local currency? We’ll have it delivered to your room. Need a train ticket last minute? We got you covered.

 Our travel services offer our customers everything and more than they could hope for when it comes to organising their business trips. We really do it all and with excellence every time. 



Looking for a way to make your business travel more climate-friendly? Well, we have the solution with our sustainable corporate travel option. Unfortunately, business travel means a lot of carbon emissions are produced every time we travel. But together we can make a difference. With us, we can offset your unavoidable emissions through our certified partners. Allowing you to do the right thing.

Cost-Saving Planning For Multiple Business Trips

Our Services:

Comprehensive booking services:

Tailored to meet your unique needs and budget. 


Itinerary planning and optimisation:

ensuring that your business travel is efficient, organised and cost-effective. 

Competitive price negotiations:

It’s what we are known for, we also pay attention to seasonal discounts, off-peak deals and loyalty rewards. 

Travel budget planning and optimisation:

We focus on budgeting and cost control. We create effective budgets and travel policies that meet your needs. 

Support during travels:

We offer our customers a high level of support no matter what, when or where, 24/7. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the role of business travel management?

Business travel management’s role is to make your business trips less stressful and more organised. It is there to organise, manage and oversee your business trips from start to finish and includes booking flights, organising transportation, making reservations etc while keeping in line with your business travel policy.

What is the difference between a travel agency and a travel management company?

Both can assist with booking business travel but a travel management company focuses on business travel, unlike a travel agency that handles other types of travel like leisure travel etc. TMCs exclusively provide services to businesses and have more access to lower rates for business travel.

What does corporate travel mean?

Corporate travel or business travel is any journey taken for a business to fulfil a specific business-related objective.

What is a travel policy?

This is a set guideline regarding how a business handles its travel. It includes guidelines on what flights and accommodations to book as well as rules regarding spending on a business trip.

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