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Business travel solutions

CORPORATE travel made easy

Corporate travel solutions that make a difference. We Assign you a dedicated Travel Expert who will get to know you & your business travel needs. Your business travel agent will also offer you travel advice & guidance when booking your travel.

Cover The Basics

  • 6H or sooner response time
  • Dedicated Travel Expert
  • 3 options per quote tailored to your needs
  • Search 1000’s of suppliers deals
  • Invoicing & Statements
  • Travel Advice & Support 24/7*

Value Saver

Includes All Basic Features, plus:
  • 3H or sooner response time
  • Dedicated Senior Travel Expert
  • Access to negotiated deals
  • Access to corporate deals
  • Access to private deals
  • Guaranteed savings in excess of 7%
  • Travel Policy Management
  • Approval Workflow
  • Standard Reporting
  • Traveler Duty of Care

Package Deal

Includes All Saver Features, plus:
  • 30min or sooner response time
  • Dedicated VIP Travel Expert
  • Wastage Management
  • iQ smart reporting with alerts
  • Annual Travel Business Plan
  • 4 travel strategy meetings per annum
  • Deals negotiated exclusively for you
  • Guaranteed savings in excess of 10%
  • Open Ticket Tracker
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Dedicated Travel Administrator
  • Access to Destination Specialists
  • Optional: Offset Carbon Footprint*
  • Loyalty Program Management

All * come at an additional cost

The UK’s Best Corporate Travel Management Solutions

Corporate travel management, or CTM, is the process of taking care of all the parts of a company’s work trips. This means making trip plans, setting travel policies, and keeping track of costs. CTM can be done by a team that works for the company or by a third-party service.

What Does a Business Travel Agency Do?

A business travel agency (BTA) is a company that manages all elements of business travel for corporations.

A BTA can perform the following functions:

  • Make travel arrangements such as flights, hotels, rental vehicles, cruises, and tours. They can also negotiate reductions with travel suppliers to get their clients the best available rates.
  • Assist organizations in developing travel policies that are in line with their overall business objectives. These policies may cover a wide range of topics, including the sort of travel permitted, the maximum amount of money that can be spent on travel, and the documents required.
  • A business travel service assists firms in tracking travel expenses. This can assist firms in staying under their trip budget and documenting all expenses.
  • Support businesses and their employees with travel advice and assistance. A business travel consultant will assist with the selection of appropriate destinations and activities, making travel arrangements, and providing travel insurance.
  • Assist organizations in adhering to travel rules. This can entail making sure personnel have the right visas and permits, as well as being informed of local laws and customs.

Benefits of Corporate Travel Management Services

A dedicated corporate travel management service stores full profiles on their systems, which are immediately imported into all of your bookings, to ensure that your travelers are as comfortable as possible. Your travel policy is saved and is followed at all times.

They provide numerous payment alternatives giving you peace of mind that your billing will be simple and tailored to your company’s needs.

Corporate travel management services can assist organizations in saving money on travel expenses by negotiating discounts with travel providers, tracking expenses, and providing cost-cutting advice.

By offering a single business travel planner for all travel reservations, automating activities, and providing data and analytics, a business travel agent can help firms increase the efficiency of their travel management.

Business Travel Consultants Committed to Excellence

The Travel Group is one of the best business travel companies in the UK and manages more than just travel and lodging, but also vehicle leasing, VIP services, visas, insurance, and more.

As a comprehensive business travel solution for any size company, The Travel Group can make the best of any travel budget. We’re a corporate travel company dedicated to offering tailored business travel solutions. 

They assist businesses in planning business trips, managing travel needs, and providing useful information about hotels and other essential travel facilities. They also try to ensure your safety and well-being while on business trips.

The Travel Group has the professional knowledge to handle corporate travel programs, organize flights, automobiles, and hotels, as well as ensuring that your travel documents are in order.

Our Corporate Travel Solutions

The scope of The Travel Group’s corporate travel solutions varies, but may include the following:

Comprehensive booking services

The Travel Group offers a comprehensive booking service for flights, accommodation and transport. All of these services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the company and are negotiated to ensure optimal travel costs.

Competitive price negotiations

The Travel Group is known for competitive price negotiations for their booking services, considering seasonal discounts, off-peak deals, and loyalty rewards.

Itinerary planning and optimization

The Travel Group provides itinerary planning and optimization services to ensure that business travel is efficient and cost-effective.

Travel budget planning and optimization

A key focus for The Travel Group’s corporate travel solutions is budgeting and cost control. Through their extensive expertise and experience, they can develop an effective budget plan that meets the needs of the company, whilst also ensuring value and cost-effectiveness.

Travel policy development & implementation

The Travel Group aids with developing and implementing corporate travel policies by assessing organizational travel needs and developing tailored travel plans that meet business objectives.

Support during travels

One of the key advantages of The Travel Group is the level of support that they offer to customers during their travels, like assisting with visa applications or in case of any problems while traveling.

Choosing the Best Corporate Travel Consultant

Consider the following factors when selecting a corporate travel management solution:

  • The size of your business: If your firm is small, you may not require all of the functionality provided by a larger travel management solution.
  • The cost of corporate travel management software can range from free to hundreds of pounds per user per month. Rates should be competitive when compared to other vendors in the sector, even if they are not always the lowest.
  • Before deciding, it is a good idea to check reviews from other users and request demos from several different companies.
  • When choosing a corporate travel consultant, look for a consultant that has years of experience dealing with a wide range of businesses all over the world and offers a full range of services to meet all of your travel requirements.
  • A corporate travel consultant must use both cutting-edge and customised technological solutions to boost productivity and optimise procedures in order to keep up with the newest trends in the travel industry.
  • A corporate travel consultant should also have a large network of industry partners to whom they can refer clients.
  • The location of the corporate travel consultant should also be considered. If you live in a specific region, it may be easier to work with a consultant that lives nearby.

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Corporate travel solutions

Benefits Of Having A Dedicated Travel Expert


To ensure that your travelers are as comfortable as possible, we save comprehensive profiles on our system, which are automatically loaded into all of your bookings. Your travel policy is stored in our booking system and is always followed.

Flexible payment options

Unless otherwise instructed, daily travel invoices are automatically emailed. There are also several flexible payment options. Giving you peace of mind knowing that your billing will be straightforward and customized to your business needs.

HR & Office expense Reduction

An average booking takes 26 minutes. If an executive or someone earning a medium to high salary is presently handling your business travel arrangements, utilizing one of our travel experts will save you money on HR expenses.

yes, THERE’S more

Great Business travel solutions have many moving parts.

Reliable, fast 24 Hour support

Protect your travelers

Better value options

Facilitate supplier payments

Align travel to budget goals

Advice on better deals

Refund tracker

Peace of mind

Expert advice & recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel agents work for travel agencies and book a variety of travel arrangements, provide advice, and are paid by the customer; corporate travel managers work for businesses, manage travel for employees, and are paid by the business.

The most common types of business travel include attending meetings or conferences, training courses, events, or site visits.

A travel management agency (TMC) specialises in managing all aspects of business travel for businesses, including booking travel arrangements like flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and tours; setting travel policies, and tracking expenses.

Travel management companies offering corporate travel management supply a company with tools based on the company travel policy for giving a better travel experience.