Travel FAQ




These are some of business travellers and bookers’ most frequently asked questions.

Corporate travel certainly has some grey areas. Whether it’s with regard to your corporate travel policy, insurance, refunds and cancellations, hopefully, we can help you find the answers here. If not, please reach out using the form below and we will have one of our Travel Experts reach out to you.

What is Business Travel?

Business travel refers to travel made to make business connections, attend business conferences or sell or promote services or products. You can surely have sightseeing during business travel in your schedule, but your main activities centre around developing or selling business.

What is Business Travel Insurance?

Business travel insurance, an important tool for corporate travellers, addresses the economic losses that may occur during business travel. The insurance coverage includes medical costs, trip cancellation, loss of luggage, shelter evacuation or other kinds of travel-related hazards.

What is a Business Travel Agent?

Business travel agents help companies or businesses arrange arrangements for business trips. They manage travel needs and offer valuable insights into hotels and other basic travel amenities.
Importantly, they provide you with tools and resources for your safety and well-being while on corporate trips.

Do I Need Business Travel Insurance?

One can still travel and conduct business activities successfully without getting business travel insurance. Nevertheless, you can keep insurance to deal with monetary hazards that can occur during sudden accommodation changes, trip cancellations or unexpected hazards.

How to Calculate Mileage for Business Travel?

You need to multiply the miles travelled with the current IRS mileage rate per mile to get mileage reimbursement. If you travel in your own vehicle, you get more reimbursement from your employer.

What Do Business Travelers Want From Airlines?

Different travellers prioritise different aspects of airlines. Business travellers who travel with kids want airlines with kid-friendly service features, while people travelling solo emphasise fees and discounts. Irrespective of differences in expectations from airlines, all business travellers want a healthy and safe journey, affordability and transparent policies from airlines.

Does Business Travel Count as Working Time?

During business travel, as an employee, you interact with clients and handle the intricacies of conducting business deals. Some days in your business trip get so filled with important events you hardly get time to enjoy the surroundings in the business destination. So, yes, business travels do count as working time.

Has Business Travel Recovered from Covid19?

With the relaxation in travel norms and flights returning to normal post-COVID-19, business travel has recovered from a standstill place. But, with recovery happening at a slower rate, business travel needs more time to attain the active state which existed before the pandemic.

What Do Business Travelers Want In A Hotel?

Business travellers can have different needs depending on their business schedules and timings. But irrespective of how business travel is planned, every business traveller expects a clean room, quality food and consistent check-in and check-out time in a hotel. Also, understandably they value transparent costing policy from accommodation services.

What is Business Travel Management?

Business travel management refers to a planned, organized and professional way of managing every important aspect of corporate trips. Companies offering corporate travel management supply you with tools based on your company travel policy and liking for giving a better travel experience. Management tasks include providing risk management and helping you to get timely flights and hotels. Want to know what corporate travel management is?

5 Steps to manage corporate travel Effectively?

Effective corporate travel management includes the following steps:

  1. Assessing the company travel policy.
  2. Selection of tools for booking and payment or accessing basic travel needs.
  3. Financial management to monitor the flow of business travel expenses.
  4. Communication and support for corporate travellers.
  5. Checking any difficulty during a business trip for solutions.
What Is A Corporate Travel Policy?

A corporate travel policy refers to a set of rules and guidelines that guide how employees should conduct their travelling during business trips. With a well-developed travel policy, you, as an employer, can bring consistency and discipline for both yourself and your employees during business travel.

How to Cut Business Travel Costs?

You can reduce travel costs in many ways by focusing on the services you need throughout the trip. Early booking of accommodations and flights, getting loyalty benefits and selecting cost-effective services are potential ways to reduce travel expenses.
Further, some strategic tips like packing less help in avoiding extra expenses as some airlines can charge more for extra baggage.

Is It Worth Travelling Business Class?

Whether travelling business class is a worthy deal depends on your preference and the facility your selected business class provides. Importantly, different airlines have different features and qualities for business class. So, you must pay close attention to service features and select a business class based on your requirement.

What are Must-Have Business Travel Accessories?

What are Must-Have Business Travel Accessories?
You can incorporate many accessories as your business travel must-haves to have a stress-free travel experience. Having an eye mask and travel pillow may not scream ultimate necessity, but it does bring comfort. But you need to have accessories like a passport holder, shoe cover, a scale for measuring luggage weight and a luggage cover.

What Do Business Travel Agents Do?

Business travel agents are experts in managing corporate travel programs with professional experience. They handle activities connected with booking flights, cars and hotels and making sure your travel documents are ready.
Further, they ensure with their services, your business travel gets ease, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

What Do Business Travellers Want?

Any business traveller wants comfort and privacy to stay energized and in a better mental space at the end of a hectic day on a corporate trip.
Further, they need a connection with their employer and a travel management team (if hired) to handle any issue resulting from accommodation or flights.

What Services are Included in Corporate Travel Solutions?

The intricacy of services included in corporate travel solutions depends on the hired business travel management company or travel agent. But usually, despite the differences, almost every corporate travel solution includes booking of hotels and flights, arrangement of eating options and backup resources during sudden trip cancellations or unsafe events.

What Questions Should I Ask A Travel Management Company?

Effective communication and transparency go a long way in getting hassle-free service. So, ask about their fees, comprehensiveness of trip management and service policies before hiring them to manage business trips for your company.