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The 10 Best Business Travel Management Companies Near London


10 Best Business Travel Management Companies Near London

Table of Contents :

  1. What to Emphasise While Opting for A Travel Management Company?
  2. 10 Best Business Travel Management Companies Near London
  3. Travel Group 
  4. Snowfall 
  5. Skyscanner
  6. Uniglobe Gemini Travel 
  7. Trainline 
  8. FlightsPro
  9. Jet2
  10. Expedia Group
  11. Atlas Travel
  12. Hays Travel
  13. Conclusion

We have compiled a list of the best business travel management solutions and TMCs in the UK. This list should make your decision-making process easier. What should be your criteria for selecting a TMC? 

Business travel is expected to grow significantly over 188% by 2028. We must recognize the great significance of corporate travel business management. More simply, you can consider a (TMC) as a provider of comprehensive solutions for managing corporate trips.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) provide much more than timely booking solutions and management of hotel reservations. This allows you to focus on your core business & increasing your revenue. You don’t have to stress about basic amenities during the trip. But with multiple TMCs emerging, one needs help deciding which TMC suits your business travel needs.

Choosing a business travel solution can be overwhelming. It is easy to lose sight of the criteria you need for a TMC.


What to Emphasise While Opting for A Travel Management Company?  


What if you encounter a problem after the usual working hours of any TMC? The speed and efficiency of resolving an issue regarding hotels, food, or cars depends on the availability of your chosen TMC. So, opt for a TMC after knowing whether their team can guide you at odd hours.

Responsive In Social Networks and All Other Platforms 

Imagine a service provider that makes your corporate trip hassle-free. They can “ghost” you if you need to cancel your flight and book another one within the next few weeks. TMCs hired by you should be responsive and maintain transparent communication via mail, calls, or social media. This way, you can easily manage any issues during your corporate trip and get the most out of them.

If the travel management team is responsive, they can help you find solutions even on business trips with unpredictable schedules. Considering the unpredictability of business trips, settle for a TMC that can accommodate your last-minute changes.

Expertise in Getting Your Best Deals 

Any expert TMC has a tight-knit network of travel partners that helps to give you effective solutions for business travel. Analysis and research are essential for a successful travel management company. A hardworking TMC will provide bookings of the required travel services at the right time. Furthermore, they will offer loyalty benefits.

Degree of Comprehensiveness in Travel Management Solutions 

Not all TMCs are comprehensive and detailed. So, opt for one that holds the potential to give you one-stop solutions for making your trip hassle-free. Having a comprehensive TMC saves you the hassles of contacting more than one travel agent for a single trip.

1. Travel Group 

They have offices in the UK and Africa. They have a growing team to provide comprehensive travel solutions. They are ready to help you. Once you hire them for business trips, they assign you a dedicated travel expert with 24-hour support (no call centre’s).

You will have access to thousands of discounted rates from airlines, hotels, and car hire companies. This ensures you always get great value for your money.

They have excellent customer reviews on Google and Trustpilot. This ensures their service is of the highest quality.

Plus, they give you detailed plans with travel solution features and pricing. So, briefly, you can decide which plan to take for fulfilling corporate travel trips. Even you can see the estimated response times and access to travel benefits. The Travel Group also provides you with their supplier’s invoice for full transparency.

2. Snowfall 

Snowfall makes your travel hassle-free with tools and resources for optimised travel experiences. You can find a large selection of travel products on this platform. Get the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rides. Notably, with Snowfall, you get travel updates and personalised recommendations.

Importantly, the platform offers a simple payment feature. The company focuses on building a robust network of travel management ecosystems. With vendors, resellers, partners, and travel operators, Snowfall makes their booking platform seamlessly accessible to business travellers.

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner has an easy-to-use website that starts with a booking search tool. As you enter the destination, dates and number of travellers, you can get info on flight or journey details. Thus, business travellers can easily find their way through the stressful search for flights and hotels for business travel.

Skyscanner has a feature called “savings generator” through which you can find out your possibility of saving money on flight deals. With suggestions for flight deals with attractive offers, you can explore the best booking times to find the cheapest travelling day.

4. Uniglobe Gemini Travel 

This offers a seamless booking platform for business travel. With travel tools and analytic insights, Uniglobe Gemini Travel offers comprehensive management of your business travel. You can do much more than booking flights, cars, rails and hotels for corporate trips here.

After booking, you can keep yourself updated with online tracking. Further, this company helps you in managing itineraries for corporate travel. With features like 24*7 support, a mobile portal and real-time reporting, you can manage your business travel better. Plus, their insights help you know where you can save money while travelling, thus aiding you in controlling your expenses.

5. Trainline 

Operating as a one-stop platform for travel bookings, Trainline makes your business travel goes stress-free. With rigorous analyses, they give you real-time insights helpful for finding train routes with affordable pricing.

Travel solutions often focus on train options. However, this could lead to missing out on clients looking for flights or car rentals for their business travel. But having a narrow market niche always makes them open. With a specific niche, they offer a comprehensive and personalised way of travel management.

Their teams use expert tools and knowledge to analyse over 270 rail and coach operators in 45 countries. They then develop recommendations for bookings. Thus, Trainline makes your journey optimised with the best deals and guidance.

6. FlightsPro

FlightsPro gives you insights into the real-time availability of flights. You can optimise your business travel here with flight planning. They even have the capacity to manage travel requirements of even large groups, making them so adept for corporate travel. Even you can book group travel flights here.

With a travel account here, you can optimise your booking process, saving money along the way. With FlightPro’s travel solutions, one can travel and handle bookings without any worry.

7. Jet2

Jet2 provides a comprehensive way of managing your corporate travel. Apart from managing your flight and hotel bookings here, you find ways here to remove your travel hassles. With their app, one gets to include seats and meals during the journey.

Plus, you can add insurance in their travel app to make your travel plan more detailed and resourceful. With the ease of adding travel essentials, one can thus make travel experiences optimised, safe and budget friendly.

8. Expedia Group 

Expedia makes your booking and planning easier and stress-free with its tools and resources. With a network of travel partners, they optimise your corporate travel with bookings at your convenience. The researchers and technology experts have gathered information on 500+ airlines, cruises, and cars. You can find the best deals and availability here.

With the collected insights, corporate travellers have the ease of booking based on affordability. Notably, data from Expedia for booking and managing is backed up by world-class technology. So, you don’t have to worry about the validity of Expedia’s travel management analyses.

9. Atlas Travel 

With tools available in Atlas Travel, you can transform your unmanaged travel program into a highly optimised one. Plus, they have booking tools backed up by robust technology to make your business travel hassle-free. Importantly, they give travel solutions developed with the help of automated and intuitive technology.

Moreover, their booking tools, including SAP Concur, have automated features. So, businesses organising corporate trips can easily integrate the tools into their travel plan.

10. Hays Travel 

With an understanding of businesses’ unique needs, Hays Travel helps you optimise your booking based on company compliance and travel requirements. They mainly offer bookings for three important pillars of business travel, including air, rail and hotel.

They offer competitive prices for booking travel amenities and help you plan everything under your budget. Plus, Hays Travel gives insights into the payment policies of hotels depending on which you can decide your accommodation.


Why Travel Group Is the Best?   

With their resources, knowledge and tools, they are ready to manage travel programs for various businesses, including sports. Notably, they have a specialised solution for every business traveller with optimised price schemes and travel guidance. You get high transparency here with detailed service schemes available online at different prices. So, before picking up the phone to dial our number, you know what you will be getting.   

Further, the Travel group is quite aware of how the travel industry fuels increased global pollution. Even aviation, one of the transport modes in business travel single-handedly, contributes 2.4% of global carbon emissions. That necessitates building sustainable strategies in the business travel industry.   

Travel Group has developed a robust framework for reducing pollution in business travel wherever possible. Their sustainable travel management is developed, focusing on carbon offsetting and reducing carbon emissions. The extensive sustainable travel solution makes them stand apart from other TMCs.   

Final Thoughts   

Corporate travel management is highly necessary for business trips. TMCs, help you take care of your well-being during business travel and enable you to manage important trip features. But with so many options just a swipe away, you may face confusion in deciding which TMC you should hire.   

With our guide here, you can catch up with the details helpful in making a wise selection of an expert TMC.