Booking Business Trips – The Guide

Written by Emma Marais

June 19, 2024

Booking Business Trips

Booking business trips aren’t as simple and easy as it may sound. Travel managers must take care of all the travel details from flights to hotel bookings while ensuring everything aligns with the business trip itinerary.
A business trip needs to be well planned to ensure the trip is productive, business travellers are satisfied and the trip is cost-effective. But where do you start?

Below we will look at the essentials all travel managers need to consider when booking business trips.

Booking Business trips requires a lot of planning and research to ensure the business trip runs smoothly and that the business traveller has a positive experience.

1. Business trip details:

A thorough research of the business trip destination is essential. As a travel manager, you should know all the details about the place your travellers are going to. This includes knowing things like food, the language spoken, weather conditions, the safety of the area and hotel, the modes of transport, hotel distance from the airport etc. Travel managers should also be aware of any political situations, civil unrest or any other ongoing crisis. Knowing all the details about the business trip and the destination will ensure you can plan the trip and the itinerary effectively. It is important that you also pass on the information to the travellers so they are aware of all the details.

2. Company’s Travel Policies:

When booking business trips you need to stay within the company’s travel policy. A travel policy is a guideline on the various rules and regulations around business travel and allows travel managers to manage business trips more easily. A travel policy is essential as it can help reduce business travel expenses, make the booking process easier and keep it consistent. When booking flights and hotels for business travellers you need to make sure the bookings are compliant with the travel policy to ensure the company’s bottom line is maintained.

3. Deals on Flights and Hotels:

Finding the best deals and discounts for flights and hotels is an important part of booking business trips. Research dates or times that are better priced, look for flights or hotels that offer corporate discounts, make bookings well in advance, negotiate reasonable rates with hotels and compare rates of various hotels and flights to ensure you find the best deals.
Another option is using a Travel Management Company (TMC) to do everything for you. Through their industry relationships, TMCs have access to deals and rates not accessible to the general public. This means they can provide you with a wide range of flights and hotels at discounted prices.

4. Right Accommodation:

Selecting the right accommodation for your travellers is essential as this can make their travel experience either a positive or negative one. The right accommodation will ensure your travellers feel comfortable and can rest well. Travel managers need to consider the following factors when choosing accommodation:
Reviews: Reading reviews before making a booking is essential. Read online reviews from third-party websites to get an overall idea regarding the cleanliness, service, amenities, location, safety, and food quality of the hotel.
Amenities: Look for hotels that offer various amenities like a gym, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant etc. These amenities will help your business travellers to relax and unwind after a long day of meetings.
Location: Ensure the hotel you are booking is in a safe area and travellers can easily travel to the various places they need to get to.
Security: Safety and security should be a priority when booking hotels for business travellers. Make sure the hotels have the necessary security features to make travellers feel safe.
Food preferences: When booking a hotel consider the traveller’s meal preferences and ensure the hotel offers the food your traveller prefers.

5. Travellers’ Preferences:

Business trips should be a positive experience for business travellers, therefore, taking note of their travelling preferences is essential. Some travellers have certain flight preferences due to the airline’s service, flight times, meal choices etc. When booking flights and even hotels keep their preferences in mind and try to accommodate them as best as possible to ensure a positive experience and productive trip.

Booking Business Trips

6. Concierge Services:

These are additional services offered to business travellers and include things like lounge access, business travel insurance, vehicle parking and more. Book these services well in advance to ensure the trip is more convenient.
A TMC can help provide these concierge services to business travellers. TMCs can easily make concierge service arrangements through partnerships with various service providers.

7. Individual details:

It’s essential that when booking business trips you have the traveller’s documents ready. Travel managers should have the following travel documents on hand:
-Passport and travel visa
-Copies of ID Documents
-Travel Insurance
-Flight Tickets
-Travel Itinerary
-Proof of Vaccinations
-Accommodation Bookings
Providing your business traveller with copies of these documents digitality and physically is important to ensure they can travel without issues and don’t get stuck anywhere.

8. Detailed itinerary:

Preparing an itinerary is a complicated task that can take a long time to create, however having a detailed itinerary is extremely important for you and your business travellers. Itineraries make sure you do not miss anything important and that all aspects of a business trip have been planned for. It can also help you budget correctly for the trip as a whole and can save your travellers a lot of time during their journey. When creating an itinerary it is important to include the following details:
-Flight details
-Hotels and accommodation
-Sightseeing places

9. Emergency contacts:

Any business trip can be met with unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt the business travellers’ journey. These circumstances can cause travellers to become stressed and panicked, it is therefore important that business travellers are prepared beforehand for any situation. Ensure you provide travellers with emergency contact details as well as whom to contact under these circumstances.
Using a TMC can ensure your business travellers have support 24/7 for any unexpected circumstances.

10. Travellers’ personal time:

Business trips can make business travellers feel exhausted, grumpy and stressed. This is why providing them with space and free time to do things they enjoy or to just relax is essential. This free time allows them to connect with their families, go for a walk, or enjoy some sightseeing. Allocating business travellers with free time is necessary for a productive and successful business trip as it allows them to rest, relax and relieve stress.


Booking business trips requires travel managers to consider and plan many aspects to ensure a positive and productive business trip. Everything must be planned and organised before the business travellers leave to ensure a smooth journey. With so many aspects to consider it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

That’s where The Travel Group comes in. The Travel Group is a travel management company ready to help organise all aspects of your business trip. Their industry experts can assist with creating travel solutions that are fully customizable for your specific travel needs. The Travel group does it all from booking flights to organising VIP services. Their industry knowledge and outstanding customer service provide you and your business travellers with peace of mind. Book a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travel.

Booking Business Trips
Booking Business Trips
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