Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you?

Written by Emma Marais

May 8, 2024

Business Travel Agency

If you have ever been part of the process of planning, booking, and making sure a business trip runs smoothly then you know how much time and admin it takes. Using a business travel agency is highly beneficial for businesses and can save you precious time and money. Thanks to their industry knowledge, business travel agencies can elevate your business trips and make them more effective and successful.

Below we will look at what a business travel agency is and all the benefits that come with their services.

Business trips can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.  Having a business travel agency handle the ins and outs for you ensures your business trips run smoothly and effectively. 

What is a business travel agency?

A business travel agency or a travel management company (TMC) are industry experts who create customised business trips according to your specific needs and objectives. They help plan every detail of your business trip from booking flights to dinner reservationsA business travel agency not only manages your travel needs they provide valuable insights and advice. 

Why should you use a business travel agency?

Using a business travel agency to manage your business trips provides you with many benefits.  The various services they offer mean your business trips are cost-effective, well-planned and effective. 


The benefits of using a business travel agency:

Great deals and savings- Business travel agencies have access to deals that the general public doesn’t have through their extensive network of travel providers and vendorsThis means when you use their services you have access to their network and exclusive deals and rates. 

Professional itineraries- Business travel agents have the expertise to create itineraries for any business trip no matter how complicated. Their knowledge will ensure your itinerary is well-planned and effective allowing you to have a great business travel experience. 

Assist with duty of care- It’s extremely important to have a system in place for locating and assisting your employees while on a business tripDuty of care ensures your employees are safe and supported at all times while on their journey. A business Travel agency can assist by giving you advice and tools for travel safety to ensure you meet the duty of care requirements. 

Offer sound advice- Their extensive knowledge allows them to give you advice about hotels, transport and much more.  During emergencies or disruptions on your journey, a business travel agency can advise you in real time on the best solutions. This makes the travelling experience less stressful as you know someone is there for you and can assist when you need help. 

Arrange travel visas- Applying for the necessary visas well in advance is important for business travellers. Business travel agencies can assist you with organising and getting all needed visas and documents in good time. Their services can include assisting you with the application, providing advice and summiting it on your behalf. 

Make bookings- Business travel agencies handle all the booking processes for flights, accommodation, transport etc for youThis saves businesses valuable time. They ensure that they book according to your specific needs and always stay in line with your travel policy. 

Help develop a travel policy- Businesses need to have a well-put-together travel policy for all business trips. This policy should cover accommodation guidelines, travel and entertainment guidelines, flight guidelines etc. A business travel agency can help you develop a travel policy for your specific business.

Business Travel Agency

What can The Travel Group do for you?

The Travel Group is a business travel agency that has been around for many years. Their travel solutions are built around their client’s specific needs for the business trip. The Travel Group’s consultants are industry experts who provide their clients with sound advice and reliable information in real time. They provide you with a dedicated travel expert who is available to assist you 24/7This gives you peace of mind knowing they are ready to help you whenever you need it

The Travel Group offer a complete travel solution from booking accommodation to organising VIP services. As they are a fully comprehensive business travel solution for any size company they know how to save you money and make the most out of your business travel budget. Their business travel solutions include comprehensive booking services, competitive price negotiations, itinerary planning and optimisation, travel budget planning and optimisation, support during travels and more. 


Booking business travel isn’t as straightforward as it seemsBusiness travel requires extensive planning and research and is a time-consuming process with many factors to consider. Using a business travel agency to handle your business travel can save your business valuable time and money as well as alleviate the stress around booking business trips. 

Book a free travel assessment with The Travel Group and see what they can do for you and your business travel needs. 

Business Travel Agency
Business Travel Agency
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