Business Travel Support – Is it Important? 

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February 16, 2024

Business Travel Support

It’s extremely important that business trips run smoothly however business travel isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. During a business trip, you can experience many different challenges that can cause problems on your journey. 

These challenges could be delayed or even cancelled flights, unforeseeable changes in weather conditions, unsatisfactory accommodation, lost baggage, etc. In these cases, the traveller can feel stressed, frustrated, and even panicked.  

When this happens your traveller needs quick and effective solutions so they can continue their trip easily. Business Travel Support is there to provide the solutions they need to continue their journey. 

In this article we will look at :

  1. What is Business Travel Support?
  2. Is Business Travel support important?
  3. Types of Good Business Travel Support.
  4. Benefits of Providing Business Travel Support for a TMC. 

Having a travel management company providing you support on your business trip is an important service that allows the traveller peace of mind.

What is Business Travel Support?

Business travel support is an essential service provided by Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to business travellers. This service covers various aspects of travel such as flights, accommodation, transportation, and most importantly emergencies. Most companies looking for a Travel Management Company pay close attention to their business travel support service. They look for a TMC that offers exceptional business travel support to their travellers. 

A TMC team navigates your business travel by creating detailed travel programs, finding solutions to solve difficult itineraries, planning efficient travel to various destinations, and providing emergency travel assistance.


 Is Business Travel Support Important?

Business travel support is more than just receiving friendly service from a TMC agent. A TMC should provide top-quality service and support that helps you have safe travels and allows you to fulfil the purposes of your business trip. They should be able to quickly solve problems that arise unexpectedly. A traveller should be able to have peace of mind knowing that the travel management company is handling whatever problem arises allowing the traveller to focus on the aims and goals of the trip. 

Business travel support is there to create smooth travel without creating a hassle for the traveller. To have a successful, organized, minimal-stress business trip it’s important to have business travel support guiding you through your trip. 

Types of Good Business Travel Support:

1. Emergencies –  Due to unplanned events such as changes in weather conditions, broken vehicles, etc, you might find yourself unable to travel as expected. The TMC team offers support by providing alternative accommodation options at nearby hotels or organizing alternative transportation via bus or train. 

2. Visas and work permits – The visa and work permit application can be a tiresome process for travellers as different countries have various rules and regulations. TMCs handle this process for you and even get visas and permits quicker for you through the services of their corporate travel consultants. This makes the process less stressful and a lot easier for you and your traveller. 

3. Delayed or Canceled flights – Seeing the words flight delayed or flight cancelled is the last thing you want to see on your journey. TMCs have access to a large list of alternative flights to choose from in order for you to arrive at your destination on time. They will also keep in contact with you throughout the whole process until the issue has been resolved and you are on your way again. 

4. Unsuitable Hotels – During a business trip a traveller will most likely have to check into a hotel or some type of accommodation during their journey. If a traveller is unhappy with the hotel’s accommodation, its hygiene, or even its service, a TMC consultant or support assistant will contact the hotel to see if the issue can be resolved. If not the TMC will assist you with finding an alternative hotel nearby that is more suitable. 

5. Personalized Trip – Due to very busy schedules a traveller may lose track of upcoming trips and struggle to find flights, accommodation, and transportation that are in line with the business’s travel policy. TMCs solve this issue by creating personalized trip options. Making sure a trip is personalized to a traveller is very important and ensures a successful business trip and experience. TMCs create traveller profiles and track travellers’ activities to create personalized experiences. TMCs also keep in contact with the traveller via, phonecalls, email, or SMS in order to provide excellent travel service throughout the journey. 

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Benefits of Providing Business Travel Support for a TMC:

Offering Business Travel Support to your customers is a necessary service that comes with many benefits for you, your customers and your company. 

Here are some of the benefits of providing this service : 

  1. Creates loyalty and long-term relationships – You want travellers and businesses who are loyal to your company. A TMC that provides great assistance and support builds trust between the customer and the company. The traveller gains appreciation for your company and the services provided to them. This then leads to the return of customers and the growth of the business. 
  2. Increased profits – Providing customers with a good travel experience and solving all their travel-related issues allows higher productivity for the traveller and increased profits for their business. Again this leads to loyalty and longevity of the relationship and allows you to tackle more of their business trips in the future. 
  3. Greater Business Reputation – Having a reputation for great travel support is what businesses are looking for. This reputation improves your whole brand reputation. With so many other TMCs out there having a great reputation for business travel support puts you at the top. 
  4. Increase in Word of Mouth referrals – When a TMC provides a business with great travel support the business wants to share this with colleagues, peers and other businesses. Despite the digital world we live in people still place more trust in the words of family, friends, or colleagues over advertisements. 
  5. Allows Business Growth – Through feedback from customers a TMC can see exactly what their customers want and need and can use this information to develop better support for customers as well as provide a better trip experience overall. 


In conclusion, having business travel support is fundamental for business trips and allows the employer and employee to feel at ease knowing they will be taken care of. Our travel consultants at The Travel Group are experts in business travel support and are ready to make your business trip less stressful and more productive. Their 24/7 assistance allows problems to be solved quickly and ensures you can continue on your journey with ease. Book a free travel assessment now to find out all they have to offer you and your travellers. 

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