Sports Travel Management vs Corporate Travel Management

Written by Emma Marais

March 13, 2024

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Sports Travel Management is different from other travel management and therefore needs its own unique services and solutions. Sports Travel Management isn’t just about organising a team’s travel it’s also about speed, efficiency and flexibility when it comes to their travel plans. Getting the most out of your sports travel is important and having a travel management company handle it for you is highly beneficial as they offer all of this and so much more. 


Below we will look at what is sport travel management, what makes sport travel management different, and what should a sports travel management company offer you. 

Sports travel management ensures that you, the coaches , the athletets and everyone else invlolved get the most out of the trip.

What is Sports Travel Management?

Sports travel management assists you with planning and organising everything that is needed to have a successful sports trip. It ensures the safety and security of athletes, coaches and staff while on a sports trip. It also includes organising appropriate accommodation, finding transportation, booking flights, transporting equipment, etc. 

What makes Sports Travel Management Different from Corporate Travel Management?

Sports Travel is a very diverse sector with many different variables that need to be considered and planned for. The travellers can also vary from referees, coaches, and full teams to sports journalists and scouts, which means a lot of different requirements for each individual traveller. Sports travel also requires paying close attention to many logistics unique to sports travel, such as transport of equipment, private dining, locked down sections in accommodation etc. 

 Schools and universities also rely on travel management services to help them plan and book trips for their students, coaches and other staff taking part in a competition or event, this requires a lot of organising and planning to ensure everyone is together and arrives at their destination on time. Sometimes sports travel also requires getting an injured player home. The planning and logistics that go into this type of travel are very complicated and things like appropriate transport and the quickest routes need to be assessed. 

 These various scenarios and specialised travel mean that sports management travel is very different to corporate travel management. Sports management travel needs its own unique services to ensure a successful trip. This industry’s travel needs are vast which requires a travel management company that is in top form to handle it all and deliver a well-organised journey.  


What should a travel management company offer you? 

A travel management company should prioritise efficiency especially when it comes to sports travel management. Other than the normal services of booking accommodation, transport, flights etc a travel management company should also offer other more specialised services for sports travel specifically. 

 A travel management company should offer you the following: 

 Fast 24/7 customer support: Having support 24/7 is essential for sports travel as things can change quickly and getting the right advice, assistance or solution is very important. 

 Large inventory: A travel management company should be able to offer a wide range of travel options. They should also have access to the best rates no matter where in the world you are going. 

 Group Bookings and team-building: They should be able to assist with booking and finding team-building activities and events as well as get-togethers. This also requires a travel management company to organise team travel to the event or activity. 

 Flexibility: As the sports travel industry has many last-minute changes flexibility is a necessity. A travel management company should be able to offer you the needed flexibility and should be able to make changes to your journey easily.

 Travel policies: They should offer you an integrated travel policy. Travel policies are important to ensure that your travel plans are compliant and stay within the budget. These policies also help to estimate travel spending, decide on future budgets and plan successful, safe trips.



How Can The Travel Group Make Your Sports Travel Better?

The Travel Group offers a one-stop shop for all your sports travel needs. They provide you with an all-inclusive service that will make your journey stress-free allowing the travellers to focus on what’s really important. Their concierge service will ensure you always receive the best pricing and VIP accommodation. The Travel Group offers a comprehensive solution for all your group bookings, they can handle it all from reserving meeting rooms for your pre-game strategy session to finding tickets to a sporting event you want to attend. They are well-equipped to meet all your needs so that you and your team can focus on what you do best: winning. Their dedicated customer care team is always available to assist you 24/7 with whatever unexpected issues arise. Book a free travel assessment today to see what they can do for your sports travel. 


To sum it all up sports travel management is very different from corporate travel management and therefore needs its own solutions and services to make it a successful trip. Sports travel management can be a very complex, overwhelming process so allowing a travel management company to handle it for you is highly beneficial for you, your team and your sports trip. Having a travel management company organise your sports trip ensures you get the most out of your sports travel. 

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