Can Outsourcing Your Business Travel Bookings Save You Money? 

Can Outsourcing Your Business Travel Bookings Save You Money? 

Can Outsourcing Your Business Travel Bookings Save You Money? 

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Can outsourcing business travel bookings save you money? It sounds a bit absurd right, to pay a company of travel experts to book your business travel rather than have your office manager or PA make the bookings instead. In the last few years, we saw a rise in the number of business travellers. As per a recent report by Morgan Stanley, the number is expected to increase in the coming years. However, in such a fast-paced business environment, companies may find it challenging to make business travel arrangements for their employees.

Corporate travellers need to have certain travel requirements fulfilled as their needs are not the same as someone travelling for leisure. This then means that finance managers and corporate executives need to have accurate financial statements. It all must be done quickly and effectively.

Fortunately, outsourcing business travel arrangements is not only easy but smart. As some companies employ several people who travel, it becomes especially cost-effective to outsource your business travel as one travel agency can handle the full account, it stands to reason that a company may end up realizing cost savings by using a travel management service. Some drawbacks have to be considered but for many, if not most companies, outsourcing travel management is the right business option.

Outsourcing your business travel bookings can save your company money as well as time. Having a travel management company handle your business trips for you can be highly beneficial.

A business travel agency like The Travel Group manages all elements of business travel for businesses. 

They perform the following functions: 

  • Make travel arrangements such as cruises, rental vehicles, flights and hotels. They also negotiate cost reductions with travel suppliers to get their clients the best available rates. 
  • The Travel Group assists companies in tracking travel expenses. This assists the company in staying under its trip budget and documenting all expenses
  • Assist organizations in adhering to travel rules. This can entail making sure business travellers have the right visas and permits, as well as being informed of local laws and customs. 
  • Support businesses and their employees with travel advice and assistance. These details are handled by a business travel consultant.

Benefits of corporate travel management services: 

1. Seamless booking process:  

 One of the major issues that most companies face is the complexities in the booking process. It can be very daunting to book different flights, hotels, rental cabs etc. for different employees with various destinations and itineraries. Additionally, a lot of time is spent browsing through various third-party websites to choose the best and most cost-effective travel options, and any last-minute cancellations or changes in their business travel plan can make the process more difficult. 

By outsourcing your business travel arrangements to the Travel Group, you do not have to worry about any booking complexities as they handle all aspects for you. 

2. 24/7 Business Travel Support:

Your traveller’s well-being and safety on a business trip is a high priority for us. Travellers may encounter situations such as natural disasters, being stranded in an airport or a city due to a global pandemic, political unrest or loss of baggage. In these situations, travel managers must provide them with business travel support. However, assisting can be difficult during such situations because of variations in time zones, weekends or after-work hours.

Through outsourcing your business travel management you can overcome these issues. A travel management company provides round-the-clock travel assistance to your employees in case of such emergencies. The Travel Group possesses a skilled and committed workforce that can assist your employees in handling unexpected circumstances. 

3. Travel policy compliance. 

Travel policy violations are among the most common problems that travel managers and companies face. Employees violate travel policy for various reasons.

By outsourcing your business travel management, you can ensure travel policy compliance. With the help of software, your business travellers can get real-time visibility of the travel policy. This prevents them from making any out-of-policy bookings or expenses. Additionally, business travellers and approvers are instantly notified if any out-of-policy bookings are made. This way, travel managers don’t have to keep a check on any policy violations. 

4. Cost optimisation

Optimising business travel costs is another major challenge that companies and travel managers face. Corporate travel management services can assist organizations in saving money on travel expenses by negotiating discounts with travel providers, tracking expenses and providing cost-cutting advice. 

To guarantee the greatest level of convenience for your travellers. The specialized corporate travel management service keeps complete profiles on these systems. Which are instantly imported into all your bookings. Your travel policy is kept up to date and is always adhered to. 

As a full-service provider option for corporate travel for companies of all sizes, any travel budget can be maximized by The Travel Group. We are committed to providing specialized business travel options. 

They assist businesses in planning business trips, managing travel needs and providing useful information about hotels and other essential travel facilities. Read our article: Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you? to find out more. 

 Business Travel Bookings

We have reasoned and given a few positives but most people would like to see facts and so we investigated if booking through a Travel Management company saves you money:  

 Let’s see:  

1. Problem: Lots of admin for the internal team. 

Solution: Let a travel expert do it. 

Saving opportunities: 

  • Financial savings equivalent to. 8.5 full-time staff members. 
  • Your existing staff will get time back in their day to focus on other tasks. 
  • Less stress for everyone.

2. Problem: Outdated manual processes. 

Solution: Self-service portal for travel requests. Automated invoice entry with coding, automated approval e-mail trigger to request travel approval. 

Saving opportunities: 

  • Time saved for everyone from your finance team to the travellers themselves  
  • Fewer financial mistakes for invoices being missed or trips not approved in time. 

 3. Problem: Inconsistency in process across regions. 

Solution: New consistent process in all regions, including one company-approved travel management company. 

Saving opportunity:  

  • One process to adhere to and communicate. This results in quicker understanding and time freed up. 
  • With everyone booking with one company, reviewing all company travel, spending and budget in one place. 

4. Problem: Missed information from invoices. 

Solution: Configure an online tool to set up mandatory fields before trips are booked

Saving opportunities: If bookings are all made through the same channel consistently, the team can quickly see travel rates per person. 


We invite you to join us on this journey to provide an evolving business travel experience where there is no limit to delivering service and helping our clients succeed in what they do through their travel. Book a free travel assessment and see what The Travel Group can do for you and your business travel. Want to know more about how a business travel agency can save you money, then read this article 7 Ways a Travel Management Company Can Save Your Business Money

 Business Travel Bookings
 Business Travel Bookings
Free Travel Assesment Banner


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Corporate Travel Booking- Everything you need to know

Corporate Travel Booking- Everything you need to know

Corporate Travel Booking- Everything you need to know

Written by

Corporate travel booking is a fundamental aspect of corporate travel management and requires strategic planning to ensure your business travellers have an efficient and safe journey. However, navigating all the intricacies of corporate travel can be a daunting task and you may feel unsure where to start.

This article contains corporate travel management essentials to help you navigate your company’s business travel. As well as help you make the right decisions for your corporate travel booking process.

Corporate travel management is no easy task and ensuring all aspects of a business trip are thoroughly planned and organised takes considerable time. Corporate travel agencies have industry experts that can make the corporate travel booking process more simple and effective.

What is Corporate Travel?

Corporate travel, also known as business travel, refers to any travel that is intended for work or business purposes. These purposes may include conferences, client meetings, visiting other offices, training and more.  

What is Corporate Travel Management?

Corporate travel management involves the strategic handling of travel by a company. It includes planning, organising and managing employee travel. The primary aim of corporate travel management is to ensure employees’ journeys are safe and efficient while adhering to the company’s travel policy.

How Do Most Companies Handle Their Corporate Travel?

There are various ways to handle your corporate travels and factors like the company’s size, resources, travel requirements and travel volume are all things that should be considered when deciding which approach is best for your company.

Common approaches to managing Corporate Travel include:

Booking Websites: This allows employees to book airfare, accommodation, car rentals etc via an online booking tool. Employees make their own bookings and then submit receipts to the company for reimbursement.

Travel Agencies: These travel agencies assist with booking flights, accommodation and other travel services.

Travel Management Companies: All aspects of travel management are outsourced to a travel management company (TMC) that specialises in corporate travel. TMCs offer various services that help ensure business travel is efficient and cost-effective.

Why should businesses use Corporate Travel Management Agencies?

Using a TMC also known as a corporate travel agency has many benefits for a company, let’s look at the top three:

Time-Saving: Planning and organising a business trip can take a lot of valuable time. A corporate travel agency will handle all the various tasks of business travel for you, so you have time to focus on other important things in your company.

Reduce Travel costs: One of the biggest benefits of using a corporate travel agency is reduced travel costs. Through their industry expertise, they can save you money on accommodation, airline tickets, insurance and more. Their experience will ensure you receive the best possible rates for your business travel.

Efficiency: Corporate Travel agents ensure all business travellers are safe throughout their journey while adhering to the company’s travel policy.

If you are looking for more benefits of corporate travel agencies then read this article:

Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you?

Corporate Travel Booking

In-House vs External Corporate Travel Management

There are two main ways to handle your Corporate Travel Management :

1. In-house Travel Management:

This is an employee you hire to handle the company’s business travel needs. They are responsible for booking trips, making last-minute changes to itineraries as well as finding ways to save costs and get the best deals for the business traveller and the company. An in-house travel manager will ensure you will be able to work alongside them which allows greater control and makes the planning process easier.

However, an in-house travel manager may have limited expertise compared to a corporate travel agent, this could have an impact on cost savings and travel efficiency. Time constraints can also be an issue as managing business travel is time-consuming and the employee may have other responsibilities leading to time conflicts and a decrease in productivity. Hiring someone for this specific role will also require investment into hiring, training and equipping them for the role.


2. External Travel Management Company:

Travel management companies are industry experts who have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to business travel. This ensures they can maximise your cost savings and get the best rates for your business travels. Not only do they save you money but they can also save you valuable time. As they are an external company you are not paying them a salary but rather a fee or commission every time they make you a booking. They also offer 24/7 support and a dedicated agent meaning they can assist you or your travellers anytime with whatever issue arises.

As they are an external company you don’t have as much control over the travel process. There could also be potential communication gaps through delayed responses or miscommunication which could lead to errors and misunderstandings. Travel management companies also come with additional fees therefore it is important to evaluate the benefits and decide if they outweigh the additional costs of hiring an external travel management company.   


What are the Tasks of a Corporate Travel agent?

TMCs offer various services, with corporate travel agents being responsible for the following tasks when it comes to your business travel:

Developing itineraries: A corporate travel agent will ensure all itineraries are thoroughly planned and optimised to ensure an efficient journey for business travellers.

Organising appropriate accommodation: Organising the right accommodation is an extremely important part of corporate travel management. A  corporate travel agent will find business travellers the best accommodation without going over the budget.

Finding the best rates: This is where a travel agent’s expertise shines. They find and negotiate the best rates and have access to special rates not available to the general public.

Organising transportation: This is another key aspect of business travel that can have a big impact on a business traveller’s journey. Corporate travel agents find the best transport options that will ensure the most efficient travel for business travellers.

Organising meetings and events: A corporate travel agent can assist with the planning process of organising meetings and events and can save you time and money.

Managing travel costs and policy compliance: Managing travel costs is the main task of a corporate travel agent. They ensure that all bookings and other travel costs are in line with the travel policy.


List of Corporate Travel Management Companies

Outsourcing your corporate travel management can be highly beneficial for your company and can save you time and money. Their experience and knowledge allow for a more smooth and simple planning process.

In the article below we have done the research and have put together a list of the best Travel Management Companies in the UK.

Top 10 Business Travel Agencies UK

This list will help you find the right travel management company for your business travel needs.


Corporate travel booking is a complex, time-consuming process that requires a lot of planning and experience for a business trip to be effective. Using a Travel Management Company comes with many benefits that can take your business travel to a new level while saving time and money.

The Travel Group is a leading travel management company that provides companies with a complete travel solution from booking flights to arranging VIP services. They understand that every company has unique business travel needs and create fully customisable solutions. Book a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travel needs.

Corporate Travel Booking
Corporate Travel Booking
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Booking Business Trips – The Guide

Booking Business Trips – The Guide

Booking Business Trips – The Guide

Written by

Booking business trips aren’t as simple and easy as it may sound. Travel managers must take care of all the travel details from flights to hotel bookings while ensuring everything aligns with the business trip itinerary.
A business trip needs to be well planned to ensure the trip is productive, business travellers are satisfied and the trip is cost-effective. But where do you start?

Below we will look at the essentials all travel managers need to consider when booking business trips.

Booking Business trips requires a lot of planning and research to ensure the business trip runs smoothly and that the business traveller has a positive experience.

1. Business trip details:

A thorough research of the business trip destination is essential. As a travel manager, you should know all the details about the place your travellers are going to. This includes knowing things like food, the language spoken, weather conditions, the safety of the area and hotel, the modes of transport, hotel distance from the airport etc. Travel managers should also be aware of any political situations, civil unrest or any other ongoing crisis. Knowing all the details about the business trip and the destination will ensure you can plan the trip and the itinerary effectively. It is important that you also pass on the information to the travellers so they are aware of all the details.

2. Company’s Travel Policies:

When booking business trips you need to stay within the company’s travel policy. A travel policy is a guideline on the various rules and regulations around business travel and allows travel managers to manage business trips more easily. A travel policy is essential as it can help reduce business travel expenses, make the booking process easier and keep it consistent. When booking flights and hotels for business travellers you need to make sure the bookings are compliant with the travel policy to ensure the company’s bottom line is maintained.

3. Deals on Flights and Hotels:

Finding the best deals and discounts for flights and hotels is an important part of booking business trips. Research dates or times that are better priced, look for flights or hotels that offer corporate discounts, make bookings well in advance, negotiate reasonable rates with hotels and compare rates of various hotels and flights to ensure you find the best deals.
Another option is using a Travel Management Company (TMC) to do everything for you. Through their industry relationships, TMCs have access to deals and rates not accessible to the general public. This means they can provide you with a wide range of flights and hotels at discounted prices.

4. Right Accommodation:

Selecting the right accommodation for your travellers is essential as this can make their travel experience either a positive or negative one. The right accommodation will ensure your travellers feel comfortable and can rest well. Travel managers need to consider the following factors when choosing accommodation:
Reviews: Reading reviews before making a booking is essential. Read online reviews from third-party websites to get an overall idea regarding the cleanliness, service, amenities, location, safety, and food quality of the hotel.
Amenities: Look for hotels that offer various amenities like a gym, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant etc. These amenities will help your business travellers to relax and unwind after a long day of meetings.
Location: Ensure the hotel you are booking is in a safe area and travellers can easily travel to the various places they need to get to.
Security: Safety and security should be a priority when booking hotels for business travellers. Make sure the hotels have the necessary security features to make travellers feel safe.
Food preferences: When booking a hotel consider the traveller’s meal preferences and ensure the hotel offers the food your traveller prefers.

5. Travellers’ Preferences:

Business trips should be a positive experience for business travellers, therefore, taking note of their travelling preferences is essential. Some travellers have certain flight preferences due to the airline’s service, flight times, meal choices etc. When booking flights and even hotels keep their preferences in mind and try to accommodate them as best as possible to ensure a positive experience and productive trip.

Booking Business Trips

6. Concierge Services:

These are additional services offered to business travellers and include things like lounge access, business travel insurance, vehicle parking and more. Book these services well in advance to ensure the trip is more convenient.
A TMC can help provide these concierge services to business travellers. TMCs can easily make concierge service arrangements through partnerships with various service providers.

7. Individual details:

It’s essential that when booking business trips you have the traveller’s documents ready. Travel managers should have the following travel documents on hand:
-Passport and travel visa
-Copies of ID Documents
-Travel Insurance
-Flight Tickets
-Travel Itinerary
-Proof of Vaccinations
-Accommodation Bookings
Providing your business traveller with copies of these documents digitality and physically is important to ensure they can travel without issues and don’t get stuck anywhere.

8. Detailed itinerary:

Preparing an itinerary is a complicated task that can take a long time to create, however having a detailed itinerary is extremely important for you and your business travellers. Itineraries make sure you do not miss anything important and that all aspects of a business trip have been planned for. It can also help you budget correctly for the trip as a whole and can save your travellers a lot of time during their journey. When creating an itinerary it is important to include the following details:
-Flight details
-Hotels and accommodation
-Sightseeing places

9. Emergency contacts:

Any business trip can be met with unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt the business travellers’ journey. These circumstances can cause travellers to become stressed and panicked, it is therefore important that business travellers are prepared beforehand for any situation. Ensure you provide travellers with emergency contact details as well as whom to contact under these circumstances.
Using a TMC can ensure your business travellers have support 24/7 for any unexpected circumstances.

10. Travellers’ personal time:

Business trips can make business travellers feel exhausted, grumpy and stressed. This is why providing them with space and free time to do things they enjoy or to just relax is essential. This free time allows them to connect with their families, go for a walk, or enjoy some sightseeing. Allocating business travellers with free time is necessary for a productive and successful business trip as it allows them to rest, relax and relieve stress.


Booking business trips requires travel managers to consider and plan many aspects to ensure a positive and productive business trip. Everything must be planned and organised before the business travellers leave to ensure a smooth journey. With so many aspects to consider it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

That’s where The Travel Group comes in. The Travel Group is a travel management company ready to help organise all aspects of your business trip. Their industry experts can assist with creating travel solutions that are fully customizable for your specific travel needs. The Travel group does it all from booking flights to organising VIP services. Their industry knowledge and outstanding customer service provide you and your business travellers with peace of mind. Book a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travel.

Booking Business Trips
Booking Business Trips
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B2B Travel Agency: How they can benefit your business

B2B Travel Agency: How they can benefit your business

B2B Travel Agency: How they can benefit your business

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A B2B travel agency can elevate your business travel to a new level, through a streamlined process and access to expert advice. Businesses are always looking for ways to make booking and planning business trips easier and less stressful. According to a recent report by Travel Perk, 87% of business travellers and business travel managers want more streamlined booking processes. If you are reading this article, there is a big chance you are part of that percentage and need some help. 

Below we will answer important questions like what is a B2B travel agency, what is their role and how can they benefit your business trips.

Using a B2B travel agency has many benefits for businesses and can save them valuable time and money through their comprehensive business travel services.

What is a B2B travel agency?

B2B travel agencies provide businesses and organisations with services related to their specific travel needs. They are also referred to as business travel agencies and assist businesses in planning, booking and organising all aspects of a business trip. A B2B travel agency ensures all business trips are tailored to a business’s specific needs and their industry knowledge ensures you always have access to the best travel advice. They offer many services from booking flights to helping you develop a comprehensive travel policy.  

B2B Travel agency’s role

A B2B travel agency’s role is to simplify the process of organising a business trip. They assist businesses by streamlining the booking process, negotiating rates and saving the business money, sticking to the business travel policy, providing technology solutions and offering support and assistance. A B2B agency’s role is to ensure that all business trips are effective and well-organised so that the travellers can achieve their objectives and goals for the business trip. 

B2B Travel Agency

The Benefits of a B2B Travel Agency  

Using a B2B travel agency is highly beneficial for businesses and can ensure an overall more effective process for planning business trips. 

Let’s look at some of these benefits: 

1. Save businesses money: B2B travel agencies can help businesses reduce their travel costs. Their industry knowledge and well-established relationships with various vendors and service providers mean they can provide businesses with exclusive rates and deals not normally accessible. B2B travel agencies also provide businesses with expense management solutions so businesses can understand and track their travel expenses more accurately.  

Using a B2B travel agency also ensures that your travel policy is always adhered to. They can also assist with developing a travel policy so your travellers have clear guidelines and rules when it comes to business trips helping you to prevent unnecessary spending and allowing more control over your traveller’s expenses. 

2. Streamlined process: Booking business trips requires various aspects to be considered and organised which can take up valuable time. Sending emails back and forth to vendors, trying to find the best rates and reviewing and approving various quotes is a time-consuming, frustrating process. A B2B travel agency provides you with a simplified and streamlined process as they handle all aspects of a business trip for you. They provide comprehensive services that allow all aspects of business travel to be combined into one platform. This means you have one centralised port of call for all your business travel needs, saving you precious time to focus on other business aspects. 

3. Access to experts and their industry knowledge: Planning and booking a business trip can be very complicated and has many factors to consider. As B2B travel agencies are industry experts they know exactly what’s needed for a business trip to be effective as well as all the ins and outs of business travel. Their knowledge and advice allow businesses to make better decisions around their business travel and ensure their business trips are fully optimised. They are also able to assist businesses with risk management and can provide advice about duty of care ensuring your traveller’s safety. 


4. Customised travel solutions: A B2B travel agency understands that every business is different and therefore needs unique travel solutions. This means they can customise your business travel so that it is in line with your business’s objectives and goals. They ensure that your business trips fit all your requirements and needs from complicated itineraries to VIP arrangements. Many B2B travel agencies also assign a dedicated travel expert to you ensuring all your travel needs are met and understood.


To sum it all up using a B2B travel agency has many advantages for a business and its business travel. They can assist businesses with various aspects of business travel to ensure all business trips are effective and successful. Working with a good B2B travel agency can streamline your business travel process, save you time and money and allow you access to expertise and industry knowledge. 

The Travel Group is a business travel agency that can help you get the most out of your business trips. Their expert travel consultants are always ready to assist you with your business trip needs. The Travel Group provides businesses with various business travel services and ensures all aspects of a business trip are well-planned and effective. Take a Free Travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travel.

B2B Travel Agency
B2B Travel Agency
Free Travel Assesment Banner


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How to Develop a Business Travel Policy 

How to Develop a Business Travel Policy 

How to Develop a Business Travel Policy 

Written by

Developing a business travel policy is essential for any company embarking on travel for business purposes. However, trying to figure out where to start or what to include in a travel policy can feel like an overwhelming and impossible task. Many businesses are turning to travel management companies to help them develop their business travel policies due to their expertise. 

Developing a travel policy is extremely important and comes with many questions. That’s why we have put together the most common questions asked about travel policies along with the answers. Below we will cover what is a travel policy, why you need one, how to develop one and what to include in it. 

Let’s start with the basics.

A travel policy is extremely important and beneficial for both the employee and the business. Developing a comprehensive travel policy allows all business trips to be cost-effective and successful.

What is a business travel policy?

A travel policy is a guideline for business travellers to follow on their business journeys. A travel policy covers various aspects of business travel from booking accommodation to emergency procedures. It also reflects the culture and values of the company and should show a business’s support for their travellers and their needs. A travel policy isn’t only about booking your business trip, it also controls the before, during and after of a business journey. 


Why do you need to have a business travel policy?

Having a travel policy can be highly beneficial for both the business and its employees. 

Here are some of the benefits of having a travel policy:

1.) Traveller Safety: Your traveller’s safety should be a business’s number one priority. A travel policy ensures your traveller’s safety while on a business trip. It includes various details and stipulations to keep travellers safe, including the type of transport to use late at night as well as information about travel insurance. A travel policy allows businesses to manage their traveller’s safety and experience. 

2.) Saves businesses money: Travel policies help businesses manage their travel costs and provide them with insight into their travel expenses. Travel policies give travellers the expected costs for accommodation, transport, flights and meals. These guidelines ensure there is no unnecessary spending of the business’s money while on a business trip. Travel policies can also help businesses create better budgets through their valuable insights into travel expenses. 

3.) Allows a more streamlined process: Travel policies allow for a more simplified approval process. With a travel policy in place including all the necessary guidelines travellers don’t need to check with the management for approval every step of the booking process. This saves businesses, management and travellers valuable time when planning a business trip. Travel policies also list all the businesses’ preferred vendors allowing travellers to easily and quickly make the necessary booking from the already approved and trusted vendors. 

Business Travel Policy

How do you develop a business travel policy?

Planning a business trip requires a lot of different arrangements which is why it’s important to have a comprehensive travel policy. Developing a travel policy with clear guidelines and procedures will ensure your traveller’s safety as well as help your employees not overspend.

So where do you start? The following are important aspects to consider when developing a travel policy:

1. Objectives and Goals – Decide what your objectives and goals are for your business travel and clearly define them in your travel policy. These objectives can include ensuring traveller safety, keeping costs down etcWhen you have clearly defined these objectives and goals it makes it easier to develop a travel policy that addresses these specific needs. 

2. Travellers’ needs – Ensure your travel policy always puts your traveller’s safety and their needs first. Your travel policy should provide travellers with emergency plans and procedures as well as the contact information for whom they need to contact in times of an emergency. It’s recommended to get your travellers, managers etc involved in creating this section so you can discuss and find out what your employees’ specific needs are, and what challenges they face during a business trip. 

3. Options- Having a good experience while on a business trip is beneficial for travellers and the business. Allowing your employees to have a choice in where they stay or what airline they use will facilitate this. You can ensure your employees don’t overspend with their choices by putting a cap on the star ratings of hotels or creating a food budget for dining out.

4. Clear Guidelines- Your travel policy needs to have detailed and clear guidelines for all aspects of business travel. There should be no room for confusion or doubt in a travel policy. Develop clear rules and guidelines for everything from accommodation to additional expenses. Make sure your travellers understand what is expected and what the procedures are.

5. Travel Policy Communication- It’s essential that your travel policy is easily available to all employees. Make sure travellers have access to it at all times through a platform that they can access with or without the internet. It’s also important that you communicate the travel policy to ensure it is stuck to and enforced. 


What should be included in a business travel policy?

Your travel policy should include the needs of your specific business and travellers. However, most businesses share key areas and should include the following in their travel policies:

-Guidelines for booking Airlines, railways, hotels and rental cars.

– Guidelines for using other modes of transportation like Uber or taxis.

-Guidelines for on-site spending. This includes meals, entertainment, WIFI and phone calls.

-Guidelines on safety and security for both work materials and equipment and personal safety. 

-Guidelines on the approvals process travellers need to adhere to.

-Guidelines on receiving or buying gifts during a business trip.

-Guidelines for the payment of expenses during a business trip

-Guidelines on reimbursements.


For a business to have effective business trips that ensure travellers’ safety and keep travel costs low it’s essential to develop a comprehensive travel policy. Make sure your travel policy is clear and well communicated to management and travellers. 

The Travel Group is a travel management company that offers many business travel services including helping you develop a travel policy. Their industry experts know exactly what is needed for your travel policy to be effective and are ready to help answer any questions you have. Their comprehensive business travel services mean they can help you plan and organise every aspect of your business trips. Take a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you. 

Business Travel Policy
Business Travel Policy
Free Travel Assesment Banner


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Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you?

Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you?

Business Travel Agency – What can they do for you?

Written by

If you have ever been part of the process of planning, booking, and making sure a business trip runs smoothly then you know how much time and admin it takes. Using a business travel agency is highly beneficial for businesses and can save you precious time and money. Thanks to their industry knowledge, business travel agencies can elevate your business trips and make them more effective and successful.

Below we will look at what a business travel agency is and all the benefits that come with their services.

Business trips can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.  Having a business travel agency handle the ins and outs for you ensures your business trips run smoothly and effectively. 

What is a business travel agency?

A business travel agency or a travel management company (TMC) are industry experts who create customised business trips according to your specific needs and objectives. They help plan every detail of your business trip from booking flights to dinner reservationsA business travel agency not only manages your travel needs they provide valuable insights and advice. 

Why should you use a business travel agency?

Using a business travel agency to manage your business trips provides you with many benefits.  The various services they offer mean your business trips are cost-effective, well-planned and effective. 


The benefits of using a business travel agency:

Great deals and savings- Business travel agencies have access to deals that the general public doesn’t have through their extensive network of travel providers and vendorsThis means when you use their services you have access to their network and exclusive deals and rates. 

Professional itineraries- Business travel agents have the expertise to create itineraries for any business trip no matter how complicated. Their knowledge will ensure your itinerary is well-planned and effective allowing you to have a great business travel experience. 

Assist with duty of care- It’s extremely important to have a system in place for locating and assisting your employees while on a business tripDuty of care ensures your employees are safe and supported at all times while on their journey. A business Travel agency can assist by giving you advice and tools for travel safety to ensure you meet the duty of care requirements. 

Offer sound advice- Their extensive knowledge allows them to give you advice about hotels, transport and much more.  During emergencies or disruptions on your journey, a business travel agency can advise you in real time on the best solutions. This makes the travelling experience less stressful as you know someone is there for you and can assist when you need help. 

Arrange travel visas- Applying for the necessary visas well in advance is important for business travellers. Business travel agencies can assist you with organising and getting all needed visas and documents in good time. Their services can include assisting you with the application, providing advice and summiting it on your behalf. 

Make bookings- Business travel agencies handle all the booking processes for flights, accommodation, transport etc for youThis saves businesses valuable time. They ensure that they book according to your specific needs and always stay in line with your travel policy. 

Help develop a travel policy- Businesses need to have a well-put-together travel policy for all business trips. This policy should cover accommodation guidelines, travel and entertainment guidelines, flight guidelines etc. A business travel agency can help you develop a travel policy for your specific business.

Business Travel Agency

What can The Travel Group do for you?

The Travel Group is a business travel agency that has been around for many years. Their travel solutions are built around their client’s specific needs for the business trip. The Travel Group’s consultants are industry experts who provide their clients with sound advice and reliable information in real time. They provide you with a dedicated travel expert who is available to assist you 24/7This gives you peace of mind knowing they are ready to help you whenever you need it

The Travel Group offer a complete travel solution from booking accommodation to organising VIP services. As they are a fully comprehensive business travel solution for any size company they know how to save you money and make the most out of your business travel budget. Their business travel solutions include comprehensive booking services, competitive price negotiations, itinerary planning and optimisation, travel budget planning and optimisation, support during travels and more. 


Booking business travel isn’t as straightforward as it seemsBusiness travel requires extensive planning and research and is a time-consuming process with many factors to consider. Using a business travel agency to handle your business travel can save your business valuable time and money as well as alleviate the stress around booking business trips. 

Book a free travel assessment with The Travel Group and see what they can do for you and your business travel needs. 

Business Travel Agency
Business Travel Agency
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Finding the Right Transport for Business Travellers 

Finding the Right Transport for Business Travellers 

Finding the Right Transport for Business Travellers 

Written by

Securing efficient and reliable transport for business travellers is essential for a productive and successful trip. Business trips are normally fast-paced with travellers juggling meetings, and tight itineraries. This means finding the best transport to get your travellers to their destination and back is extremely important. As each trip is unique it’s important to look at various transport options so you can find the transportation that fits your specific needs.

This blog will cover types of business travel and transport options and how to find the best transport for your business trip.

The type of transport you choose for your business travellers can play a significant role in the productivity and success of a business trip .

Types of business travel:

Any trip taken for the purpose of work is considered business travel. Below is a list of the main types of business travel :

Client Meetings: Meeting clients face-to-face is an important part of keeping a strong client relationship. Employees might need to travel to see clients for various business reasons. Client meetings can take place in the office or at venues like a restaurant. This requires having transport that will get you to your destination on time and easily.

Events and conferences: Conferences and events are a great way for businesses to network and find new prospects. Employees may attend seminars, workshops, networking sessions and even organised social get-togethers. This will require that reliable and efficient transport is organised for employees to get from venue to venue quickly and without hassle.

Visiting other offices: Many businesses have multiple offices either nationally or even internationally. Employees might have to travel to various offices for discussions about projects or specific strategies. Leadership might travel to the various offices to ensure the culture of the business is integrated into all offices.

Company retreats: Company retreats are a great way of building the company’s culture and growing the relationships between employees. These team-building getaways are important to increase morale and can result in a more productive team of employees. Finding the right transport to get all travellers to the same place at the same time safely is important.

Blesiure: This is a popular type of business travel as any business trip could be turned into blesuire. This type of business travel means travellers extend their business trip to add personal time for sightseeing or relaxation. This can have many benefits for the employer as well as the employees. This requires businesses to have the right corporate travel policies.

Types of ground transport for business travellers: 

Various transport is required to get from point A to point B. There are many transport options meaning business travellers can find the right transport for their specific needs. These transport options include :

Company cars: This can be a highly convenient option for businesses however the costs that come with owning a fleet can have a serious financial impact on businesses.

Public transport: This transportation is a more environmentally friendly option and cost-effective. This includes transportation via buses and trains. This option isn’t the most reliable as there are many factors like rush hour, maintenance, and delays that can affect your time of travel.

Taxis: This option allows travellers to prepare or work while travelling. Using taxis for transportation also normally comes with high travel costs.

Rental car: Hiring a car to drive yourself to a destination allows more simplicity for business travellers. This transportation can be expensive and takes preparation time away from a business traveller.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

How to find the best transport for business trips:

Different types of business travel require different types of transport. Choosing transportation that will be best for your business traveller’s specific needs is important. Here are a few things to consider when choosing transport for business travellers.

Cost- Is the transport in line with the budget and cost-effective? Keeping your travel costs low and in line with your travel policy is essential.

Distance- How far is the destination? Choose transport that will provide travellers with a comfortable and safe journey to their destination as quickly as possible. For business travel, it’s a good idea to choose transport that will give travellers the most direct route to their destination.

Sustainability- Which transportation will be better in line with your sustainability policies? Choose transportation that will lower your carbon footprint where possible.

Accessibility- Do your travellers have accessibility needs? Look at transport options that will be best for your specific traveller and their needs.

Number of travellers- Do you need Group bookings? If a number of travellers need to go to a specific location finding group booking options that will lower your costs is beneficial.

Seniority- Are leadership or executives in need of transport? Look for transport that offers upgrades or other travel perks for travellers of seniority.


In conclusion, choosing the right transport for business travellers is essential. Choosing transport that provides efficiency, and reliability while staying in line with travel policies is important for business trips. It’s important that business travellers have a good travel experience and transportation plays a significant role in their experience.

Using a TMC like The Travel Group for your business travel needs will ensure your business travellers always receive the best transportation for their business trips. The Travel Group provides many travel solutions that will make your business trips efficient and less stressful. Book a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business travels.

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Group Travel for Businesses

Group Travel for Businesses

Group Travel for Businesses

Written by

Booking Group travel for businesses can be a messy, frustrating and overwhelming process. Making sure everything is thoroughly planned out and organised is essential for any group travel. As there are so many different moving parts with group travel it’s important to stay organised and plan well in advance.

In this guide, we will give you some tips for booking group travel for business as well as why you should have a TMC handle it for you.

Group travel is a great way for businesses to boost morale and productivity.

What is Group Travel for Businesses?

Group Travel for Businesses is a trip for multiple employees or members of a business or organisation travelling together. These trips can be for various reasons, like conferences, conventions, team-building, retreats or any other business-related event. These trips can be local or international and vary in activities.

What does a Group Travel Manager do?

A Group travel manager is responsible for coordinating and planning the entire group travel. They are responsible for planning the itinerary, booking flights and accommodation, organising transportation, communicating with service providers and ensuring traveller safety. They also advise on logistics and risk management. Group travel Managers are responsible for ensuring every aspect of the trip is planned and organised.

Tips for booking Group travel for Businesses?

Secure booking in advance– This will ensure that everyone is on the same flight or in the same accommodation. This also gives the travellers time to prepare and give everyone peace of mind.

Look out for the best deals– Make sure to research group discounts or rates to stay in line with the budget.

Pay attention to logistics – especially if you have arrivals from various destinations. Make sure that the various flights or arrivals will all arrive at the destination at similar times. Think carefully about accommodation and transport logistics for groups.

Ensure bookings allow flexibility and changes– Group travel can mean times, dates or number of travellers can change. Make sure your booking allows flexibility for these types of situations.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Benefits of Using a TMC to Book Your Group Travel

Cost Saving: Using a TMC means you have access to exclusive deals or savings that you might not be able to access on your own. TMCs can provide you with better fares for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Efficiency: Using a TMC will ensure that your planning process is quicker and smoother for everyone. They can assist with making arrangements with various vendors, to ensure all the necessary bookings and reservations are made. This one port of call for all your travel arrangements allows the process to be more efficient. Their services also include managing invoices, VAT and much more.

Duty of Care: TMCs offer services that help you plan for any problems or delays while on your journey. A TMC can help you with risk management as well as keeping up with your travellers in real time.

24/7 assistance: A TMC provides you with quality assistance when you need it the most. Using a TMC means you don’t have to go through various vendors and call centres to get the help you need. They have dedicated experts ready 24/7 to assist you with whatever is needed for your journey.

Industry experts: TMCs have a great knowledge of the industry and can provide you with quality advice and assistance. Their extensive experience and knowledge can save your business a lot of money and time.

Travel Policy: A TMC can help businesses create an effective travel policy as well as maintain this policy. Using a TMC also ensures there is travel policy compliance on all business trips.


Why Choose The Travel Group to Book Your Group Travel?

The Travel Group are specialist in group travel and prides itself on providing customers with the best travel experience. They offer businesses comprehensive services that cover everything needed to plan and coordinate a successful business trip. The Travel Group are industry experts and have access to various special reduced rates, from airlines to cruises. These rates ensure your group travel is within budget while getting the most out of your money.

They offer customers fully personalized travel solutions. This means they can personalise your trip for your specific needs so that you can fulfil your goals and objectives without any difficulty.

They provide you and your travellers with support around the clock before, during, and after your journey. Allowing you peace of mind knowing you are being cared for no matter when or where. Their experts are always ready to assist with any emergency or complication that arises.

Their industry knowledge means you will receive the best advice and assistance when it comes to planning and organising your business trip.


In conclusion, planning group travel for business can be stressful and overwhelming with many things to juggle. Make sure that you plan well in advance and look out for the best deals. Using a TMC to handle and plan your group travel is highly beneficial for businesses and will save you precious time and money.




Book a free travel assessment to see what The Travel Group can do for you and your business travel

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Travel Management Companies Near London

Travel Management Companies Near London

Travel Management Companies Near London

Written by

Looking for a travel management company near London? Well, you have come to the right place. Finding a good travel management company can be a time-consuming and stressful task. With so many travel management companies out there finding one that’s the best fit for you or your business can be difficult.

In this article, we will look at the top 7 travel management companies near London. We will cover all you need to know about each company so you can choose the best one for you and your business travels.

Let us first cover some of the basics for you.

Finding the right Travel Management Company to handle your business travels is essential. The right TMC can elevate your business trips while reducing your travel costs. 

What is a Travel Management Company?


A Travel Management Company(TMC) are travel experts that specialise in handling all your corporate travel arrangements for you. They offer many services that make booking your business travel so much easier and more organised. A TMC handles all aspects of your business trip from booking flights to duty of care.

Businesses can also benefit from expert advice on business travel to ensure that their trips are productive and successful. TMCs offer businesses personalised business trips that fulfil your specific needs and requirements.

Why use a Travel Management Company?


1. Streamlined Booking Process

Using a TMC allows the booking process to be more efficient and effective and saves you valuable time. Instead of contacting various travel agents and trying to find the best rates, a TMC does it all for you. This ensures you don’t waste time or money trying to make bookings yourself.

2. Real-time Data gathering and Analysis

A TMc can easily collect your travel data, analyze your travel patterns, manage budgets, and assess risk management. This helps businesses reduce their travel spend and stay informed about their various business trips.

3. Reduced Travel Costs

A TMC has access to the best negotiated rates allowing you to save money on various areas of travel. They also ensure you get your points for loyalty and travel programmes. Although TMCs come with their costs, the benefits you receive through using them will lower your overall travel expenses. Their speciality is finding the best rates for your business trip without compromising on quality or premium options.

4. Travel Policy Compliance

Using a TMC guarantees that your business trips will always be compliant with your travel policy. Any bookings made will be in line with what is expected according to the policy.

A TMC can assist you in developing a travel policy that follows industry standards and meets your specific objectives. If you do not already have a travel policy in place, a TMC can help you create one. This policy will be tailored to your business’s needs and goals.

5. Travel Assistance 24/7

A huge benefit of using a TMC is that they offer travel assistance around the clock. Meaning they can assist with delayed or cancelled flights, unsatisfactory lodging, and even last-minute changes to bookings.

Using a TMC means that instead of dealing with several different companies to make changes to your trip you have one port of call for it all. This 24/7 assistance gives you and your employees peace of mind knowing they will be able to get assistance no matter when or where.

6. Concierge Service

A TMC can enhance a traveller’s experience by taking care of every travel need and requirement they might have. They can organise extras like airport lounge assess, seat preferences, special dinner reservations and even parking for business travellers. Allowing your business trip to be more enjoyable and productive.

7. Travellers Safety Assistance

TMCs keep business travellers up to date with unexpected safety concerns, travel regulations or any other important last-minute information travellers need to know. They can provide real-time information to ensure traveller safety.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

What to Consider when Choosing a Travel Management Company


When choosing a TMC is important to look for one that will be right for you and your specific business goals and needs.

When looking at various travel management companies it’s important to consider the following:

  • Their experience and expertise
  • Their customer service and responsiveness
  • Their customisation and flexibility
  • Their Global Network
  • Their customer’s reviews

As there are many TMCs out there we have put together a list of the top 7 travel management companies near London to make your search a little easier.


7 Best Travel Management Companies near London


1. The Travel Group

The Travel Group is a comprehensive business travel solution for any size company. They offer their clients a contract-free business travel relationship with a dedicated travel expert always ready to assist. They tailor your business trips to your specific needs and goals while providing you with competitive rates.

The Travel Group has dedicated travel experts who are available 24/7 to assist you with anything from last-minute changes to lost passports. They value honesty, hard work and creating long-lasting business travel relationships and offer high-quality travel management services.

2. Your Travel

Your Travel is an experienced travel management company that has planned thousands of corporate travel itineraries over the years. They offer their clients stress-free full circle services and care about what’s best for the specific individual. Your Travel has access to exclusive business travel deals, providing you with attractive rates. Their dedicated travel concierge prides themselves in providing clients with peace of mind while travelling.

3. Matrix Travel Management

Matrix Travel Management offers its clients a high standard of customer service as well as an extensive range of services. They provide professional expertise and put their focus on exceeding your requirements in independent travel management solutions. Matrix Travel Management promises to provide 24/7 emergency assistance, access to private fares, Matrix service guarantees, substantial cost savings, excellent customer service and consular services

4. Global Travel Management

Global Travel Management is an experienced travel management company that has been around for many years. Their many awards have earned them a respected reputation in the industry. They offer their clients many services to enhance their corporate travel.

5. Skytrak Travel

Skytrak Travel provides a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to the traveller’s needs. They go the extra mile for their clients and offer industry-leading SLAs, a dedicated offline travel team, dynamic reporting and traveller tracking.

6. Lupus Travel Management

Lupus Travel Management’s personal service, commitment to technology and transparency has led them to success. Their mission is to reduce the cost and complexity of travel management through transparency and innovation. Their corporate travel partnerships and affiliations allow them to streamline services and get the best rates and fares.

7. Inntel

Inntel has been around for many years and has much experience in travel management. They take time to understand their clients’ organisational challenges and shape their service to solve them. Inntel strives to exceed its client’s expectations and listens to their needs so they can find solutions. They value collaboration, transparency, innovation and their independence.


Finding a travel management company that’s the right fit for your business is essential. The right travel management company can help business trips become more productive and successful while decreasing the stress around organising business trips. A TMC is extremely beneficial for businesses and can help elevate their business trips while saving them money.

The Travel Group is a highly experienced travel management company near London. Their travel experts are ready to assist you with all your business trip needs. Take a free travel assessment to see what they can do for you and your business trips.

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Accommodation for Business Travellers – The Complete Guide

Accommodation for Business Travellers – The Complete Guide

Accommodation for Business Travellers – The Complete Guide

Written by

Choosing and booking the right accommodation for your business trip is important. Finding the right accommodation for business travellers will facilitate a smooth and productive trip and is essential for it to be successful.

There are a variety of accommodation options for business travellers, with things like amenities location and cost to consider when booking. Finding the best accommodation for your business trip can become confusing and overwhelming.

This article will provide you with all the information you need to book accommodation for a successful and productive business trip.

Finding the right accommodation for your specific business trip can help make it more productive and successful.

What is Business Travel?

Business travel is a trip taken for the specific purposes of work. It allows you to meet clients face-to-face, partake in networking events, attend conferences and investigate new markets. As these journeys are for business and work purposes the expenses are covered by the business or company you work for.


Types of business travel

A business trip can be for various purposes but most of them fall into one of the following categories.


1. Expanding and Growing the Business

Most businesses need to consistently focus on widening their customer and sales portfolio. This requires attending trade fairs or shows, attending conferences or business events. In-person networking is a great way to find business contacts and new customers as well as expand brand recognition.


2. Meeting Clients

Meeting clients face-to-face is still the most effective way to seal a deal or maintain an already-established relationship. Meeting clients can take place in various ways, like during the day in an office or a dinner at a great restaurant. Meeting clients has many benefits for a business and creates strong lasting relationships.


3. Business Retreats

Creating a positive work environment is important for all businesses. Businesses achieve this through business retreats that allow team-building that improves morale, strengthens relationships, and facilitates personal growth. These retreats can improve productivity and improve the work environment.


4. Visiting other locations of the business

Many businesses especially larger ones have offices, factories, or other facilities in various locations. These locations could be throughout the country or even internationally. Travelling to these various locations can help employees learn about the various aspects of the business. Employees can also share their expertise and knowledge with other employees and departments.


5. Business Leisure

Business leisure or Blesuire is the concept of adding time to a business trip for personal time. Business travellers sometimes bring their families with them so they can all enjoy some time together once the business purposes of the trip have been achieved.


What to Consider When Booking Accommodation for Business Travel:

Every business trip is unique, which means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all accommodation for business trips. When looking for accommodation that fits your specific needs it’s important to consider the following:


When choosing accommodation for your business trip you need to consider what your budget allows. You need to look for accommodation that fits with your budget or travel policy.


Depending on the purpose of your trip there might be specific amenities that you need to have a productive business trip. Make sure the accommodation you choose has these amenities available for you. Look for important amenities like reliable Wi-Fi, a space to work or meeting rooms to host groups and on-site dining options.


Look for accommodation that is close to where you need to meet clients or the offices you need to visit. This will ensure you don’t waste valuable time travelling between locations.


As various situations can arise on a business trip, it’s important to find accommodation that is flexible when it comes to having to make changes to your booking.

Safety and Security

When choosing accommodation pay attention to the location and research the safety of the area, especially if it’s a foreign country you are visiting for the first time.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Types of Accommodation for Business Travellers


1. Hotels

This is the most common type of accommodation used for business trips. Hotels are normally located close to business centres allowing you to commute easily from place to place. As there are a variety of hotel options finding one that meets your specific requirements and budget is easy.

Hotels are a good choice for either long or short stays and provide business travellers with convenience not found in many other accommodation options. This type of accommodation also works well for last-minute business travels as there are normally rooms available.


2. Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are a great option for business trips of any length. They provide a more cost-effective option when compared to hotels, especially for longer stays. Serviced apartments offer similar services as hotels and come with all the facilities and amenities needed by business travellers. Serviced apartments do need to be booked in advance to secure the accommodation.


3. Short-term rentals and Airbnb

Short-term rentals have gained popularity among business travellers with many online platforms offering this accommodation option. This type of accommodation is normally cheaper when compared to hotels and serviced apartments. Short-term rentals also offer business travellers a wide range of locations. Their uniqueness allows you to find a short-term rental that fits your specific needs and requirements.


4. B&Bs

This type of accommodation allows business travellers to enjoy a more personalized and homely stay when on a business trip. Bed and breakfasts provide guests with homemade breakfasts, cosy rooms, unique surroundings and a chance to interact with the locals.


5. Hostels

This is a great budget-friendly option for business travellers while still providing all the amenities needed to have a productive trip. They also offer opportunities to socialise and network in the communal spaces, allowing you to meet like-minded people.


6. Resorts

Resorts offer business travellers a more luxurious and relaxing stay. They normally offer a wide range of amenities including spas, restaurants and even golf courses, allowing you to fully relax after a meeting. This is a great way to combine work and leisure and is a great option for group travel or team-building retreats.


Finding the right accommodation for you or your employees on a business trip is essential. The right accommodation can boost productivity, and morale, and ensure a successful business trip. Make sure to take into account your budget, available amenities, location and flexibility before choosing the accommodation.

Using a travel management company like The Travel Group can make booking accommodation for a business trip less stressful and time-consuming. The Travel Group does it all from booking accommodation to duty of care. Their travel experts can provide you with all the services needed to create a successful business trip. Book a free Travel Assessment today to see what they can do for you and your business trips.


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Business Travel to South Africa – The Ins and Outs 

Business Travel to South Africa – The Ins and Outs 

Business Travel to South Africa – The Ins and Outs 

Written by

Business travel to South Africa is on the rise. Many companies are choosing this destination to host their conferences and conventions because of the unique experiences the country offers travellers. Another reason for the rise is due to an increased focus on business and infrastructure development in Africa.

For first-time travellers to South Africa however booking the right accommodation, understanding the visa requirements, finding transportation, and organising activities can become overwhelming.

In this article, we will cover all that you need to know to ensure you have a successful business trip to South Africa.

For business travel to Africa, planning and preperation in advance is essential for a successful business trip.

Visa Requirements

Business travellers to South Africa need to know the South African visa requirements and obtain the necessary documents before their trip begins.

Travellers entering the country for short-term work or business purposes, need to apply for a visitor visa with consent to work. This even applies to travellers from visa-exempt countries if they intend to work or are visiting for business purposes.

Travellers entering the country to attend a business meeting do not require any special visa.



South African business etiquette is mostly similar to the rest of the world. Punctuality is extremely important to South Africans. Business travellers should therefore try their best to be on time for appointments and meetings. Most businesspeople in South Africa dress conservatively or at least smart-casual when attending meetings.



South Africa has one of the most modern and substantial transport infrastructures in Africa.

Travel by Air:

South Africa has three major international airports these are Johannesburg- OR Tambo International Airport, KwaZulu Natal- King Shaka International, and Cape Town- Cape Town International Airport. With many smaller local airports throughout the country, this ensures you can move from province to province easily and quickly.

Travel by Rail:

In South Africa, travellers can enjoy luxury leisure trains while admiring the country’s beautiful landscapes. These trains offer a stylish way to experience the stunning scenery of South Africa. For day-to-day travel by train, South Africa has the Gautrain which is a rapid transit railway that operates from O.R. Tambo International to various locations in the Gauteng Province such as Sandton, Rosebank, and Pretoria. We do advise business travellers to avoid utilizing the Metrorail commuter rail service.

Travel by Road:

Business travellers in South Africa can rent a car from car rental groups like Herts, Avis, Europcar and Budget to get around the country easily. Renting a car also allows business travellers to see and experience more of what South Africa has to offer.

Uber is also an option for transportation in South Africa, especially in Gauteng and the Western Cape, this is a generally safe way of travelling. Business travellers should avoid the local mini-bus taxi services and public bus services.


In South Africa, business travellers have many accommodation options to choose from. Accommodation options include hotels, bed and breakfasts, game lodges, guest houses, guest farms, and self-catering. This variety ensures that all business travellers can find accommodation for their specific needs.

Tips for booking Accommodation:

  1. Read reviews from previous guests
  2. Investigate the location of the accommodation
  3. Make sure they have a professional website
  4. Take note of small details about the accommodation

Business travellers should also use an accommodation website when booking accommodation in South Africa. Some reputable websites include, lekkeslaap, airbnb, nightsbridge and agoda.

Using a Travel management company to book your accommodation and flights for your business trip is highly recommended. A TMC can arrange the top flights, accommodations, activities, and transportation for your business trip to South Africa. Having a professional do it for you means you can focus on the purpose of your trip and not stress about all the fine details.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Meetings and conferences

South Africa has many unique restaurants and beautiful venues for business travellers to hold meetings, conferences, or conventions.

With many breathtaking venues throughout the country, business travellers are sure to find the perfect place to host any meeting or conference. The conference venues are of high standard and built according to international standards. These conference settings range from beach lodges to game reserves or golf estates and cater for small to large groups of people. These centres and venues come with all the amenities needed to host a successful meeting or conference while providing attendees with beautiful and unique backdrops.


Things to do

South Africa has an abundance of activities to enjoy and many beautiful places to visit. Its diversity means there is something for everyone from adrenaline junkies to history enthusiasts. South Africa is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and offers many unique experiences for business travellers.

Some popular choices for business travellers are:

Golfing – with over 500 courses to choose from. The courses offer beautiful views, ranging from beaches to mountains to the African bush. The courses offer affordable rates and are a popular choice for business travellers looking for a break.

Outdoor Adventure- Thanks to South Africa’s temperate climate there is an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. Business travellers can enjoy activities like mountain biking, fishing, swimming, and hiking to make the most of the African sun. Providing a great way to unwind after important meetings.

Safaris – There are many conference centres and venues on game lodges. This means business travellers can enjoy a safari between meetings or can end their day with a sunset safari drive. South Africa also has over 40 game reserves to choose from all offering a unique wildlife experience.

Beaches – South Africa is surrounded by many first-class beaches holding the prestigious Blue Flag ratings. Hermanus, located 2 hours away from Cape Town, also holds the title of the whale-watching capital of the world. There are many activities for business travellers to enjoy while in the beach towns like going on a sunset cruise in Cape Town or shark cage diving in Durban.

Wining and Dining – The mix of various cultures in South Africa results in mouth-watering cuisine with unique restaurant experiences. This variety of food options from curries to seafood allows business travellers to experience the country’s diversity through food. Wine tasting in the Western Cape is also a popular activity for business travellers in South Africa.


Local Travel Management Company

To ensure your business travel to South Africa is smooth and successful it’s recommended to have a TMC handle your travels for you. The Travel Group is a travel management company based in the UK with an office in South Africa. This means using them to handle your business trip gives you many advantages.

The Travel Group has local agents who understand the ins and outs of the country and can give you expert advice. As they are based in South Africa they are able able to assist you quickly and easily with any changes you need while travelling. Their local connections mean you will receive the best rates for accommodation, flights and activities.

Using a TMC to organise your business travel in Africa is the best way to maximize your business trips.


Business travel in South Africa is a unique experience with so much to offer business travellers. Knowing the ins and outs is necessary before you start your journey. Make sure you are well-informed before making bookings. If you have more questions contact The Travel Group or book a free travel assessment with them and see what they can do for you.

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Sports Travel Management vs Corporate Travel Management

Sports Travel Management vs Corporate Travel Management

Sports Travel Management vs Corporate Travel Management

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Sports Travel Management is different from other travel management and therefore needs its own unique services and solutions. Sports Travel Management isn’t just about organising a team’s travel it’s also about speed, efficiency and flexibility when it comes to their travel plans. Getting the most out of your sports travel is important and having a travel management company handle it for you is highly beneficial as they offer all of this and so much more. 


Below we will look at what is sport travel management, what makes sport travel management different, and what should a sports travel management company offer you. 

Sports travel management ensures that you, the coaches , the athletets and everyone else invlolved get the most out of the trip.

What is Sports Travel Management?

Sports travel management assists you with planning and organising everything that is needed to have a successful sports trip. It ensures the safety and security of athletes, coaches and staff while on a sports trip. It also includes organising appropriate accommodation, finding transportation, booking flights, transporting equipment, etc. 

What makes Sports Travel Management Different from Corporate Travel Management?

Sports Travel is a very diverse sector with many different variables that need to be considered and planned for. The travellers can also vary from referees, coaches, and full teams to sports journalists and scouts, which means a lot of different requirements for each individual traveller. Sports travel also requires paying close attention to many logistics unique to sports travel, such as transport of equipment, private dining, locked down sections in accommodation etc. 

 Schools and universities also rely on travel management services to help them plan and book trips for their students, coaches and other staff taking part in a competition or event, this requires a lot of organising and planning to ensure everyone is together and arrives at their destination on time. Sometimes sports travel also requires getting an injured player home. The planning and logistics that go into this type of travel are very complicated and things like appropriate transport and the quickest routes need to be assessed. 

 These various scenarios and specialised travel mean that sports management travel is very different to corporate travel management. Sports management travel needs its own unique services to ensure a successful trip. This industry’s travel needs are vast which requires a travel management company that is in top form to handle it all and deliver a well-organised journey.  


What should a travel management company offer you? 

A travel management company should prioritise efficiency especially when it comes to sports travel management. Other than the normal services of booking accommodation, transport, flights etc a travel management company should also offer other more specialised services for sports travel specifically. 

 A travel management company should offer you the following: 

 Fast 24/7 customer support: Having support 24/7 is essential for sports travel as things can change quickly and getting the right advice, assistance or solution is very important. 

 Large inventory: A travel management company should be able to offer a wide range of travel options. They should also have access to the best rates no matter where in the world you are going. 

 Group Bookings and team-building: They should be able to assist with booking and finding team-building activities and events as well as get-togethers. This also requires a travel management company to organise team travel to the event or activity. 

 Flexibility: As the sports travel industry has many last-minute changes flexibility is a necessity. A travel management company should be able to offer you the needed flexibility and should be able to make changes to your journey easily.

 Travel policies: They should offer you an integrated travel policy. Travel policies are important to ensure that your travel plans are compliant and stay within the budget. These policies also help to estimate travel spending, decide on future budgets and plan successful, safe trips.



How Can The Travel Group Make Your Sports Travel Better?

The Travel Group offers a one-stop shop for all your sports travel needs. They provide you with an all-inclusive service that will make your journey stress-free allowing the travellers to focus on what’s really important. Their concierge service will ensure you always receive the best pricing and VIP accommodation. The Travel Group offers a comprehensive solution for all your group bookings, they can handle it all from reserving meeting rooms for your pre-game strategy session to finding tickets to a sporting event you want to attend. They are well-equipped to meet all your needs so that you and your team can focus on what you do best: winning. Their dedicated customer care team is always available to assist you 24/7 with whatever unexpected issues arise. Book a free travel assessment today to see what they can do for your sports travel. 


To sum it all up sports travel management is very different from corporate travel management and therefore needs its own solutions and services to make it a successful trip. Sports travel management can be a very complex, overwhelming process so allowing a travel management company to handle it for you is highly beneficial for you, your team and your sports trip. Having a travel management company organise your sports trip ensures you get the most out of your sports travel. 

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7 Ways a Travel Management Company Can Save Your Business Money

7 Ways a Travel Management Company Can Save Your Business Money

7 Ways a Travel Management Company Can Save Your Business Money

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Businesses are all looking for business travel that is efficient and cost-effective as it has the potential to become expensive very quickly if not managed correctly. Businesses are looking for travel solutions that can save their business money. Business Travel is amongst the three biggest expenses of a business so finding ways to save money is important.

Many businesses assume that hiring a travel management company (TMC) to handle their business trips will cost them more money when in fact they are able to save businesses money and can lead to more savings in the long run.

Below we will look at exactly how these travel management companies can actually save you money.

Travel managment companies offer many services that can result in businesses saving money on their business trips.

Here are the 7 Ways Travel management companies can save you money:

1. Their Access 

Travel management companies have long-established relationships with airlines, hotels, and many other service providers, this ensures they have access to competitive pricing and exclusive deals not accessible to individuals or the general public. By using these connections they can significantly cut your business travel costs and ensure you are getting the best deals for every business trip by negotiating lower prices and better amenities.

Their access to booking systems and industry expertise means they are able to see which dates and times will allow for cheaper flights and travel saving your business money. TMCs have access to exclusive discounts and promotions that you can’t find online.


2. Their Advice

Travel management companies are filled with industry experts who are able to provide valuable advice and guidance in order for you to get the most out of your business travels. Their knowledge can help you create streamlined itineraries, provide cost-effective routes, and find alternative options that will lessen your business trip costs. Their industry experts offer you strategic planning in order for you to minimise your costs and maximise your savings without losing quality and convenience. This advice is highly beneficial and can save your business money.


3. Their Valuable Time Saving

Having a TMC handle your business travel saves you time, and as the saying goes, time is money. Instead of you or other employees spending valuable time researching and looking for cost-effective travel options, TMCs can do it all for you saving your business money. This enhances productivity as well as makes sure attention to detail and precision is given to all travel arrangements. Allowing a Travel management company to plan and organise your trips also means the business trip itself will have increased productivity. They ensure all aspects from flights to itineraries are thoroughly thought out and planned ensuring your travellers can focus on the important goals of the business trip.


4. Their Avoidance of Common Mistakes

Mistakes are the main way businesses end up spending too much money on their business trips. Due to their experience and knowledge travel management companies know how to avoid these common mistakes. A simple mistake like losing your ticket can cost your business money. TMCs are there to avoid this as well as provide you with assistance in these cases to ensure you can continue your journey with ease. They ensure your trips are planned out and organised well in advance and no last-minute travel arrangements are being made or booked as this wastes money.

Mistakes like wrong destination and dates, spelling mistakes of names and dates of birth, travel plans that don’t match your needs etc. can all cost a business heavily. A TMC ensures none of these mistakes happen and that your business travel is smooth and exactly what you need, saving your business money.  

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

5. Their Packages and Group Rates

Travel Management Companies can bundle flights, accommodation, transport etc to give you one inclusive price which can save your business money. They can negotiate group rates for accommodation, transport and activities cutting down individual traveller costs. They can also negotiate extra benefits like free meals, room upgrades and more.


6. Their ability to ensure better flexibility

Life happens and many times last-minute changes need to happen, therefore having flexibility is important in business travel. Travel management companies offer this flexibility but without the penalty costs individuals are charged. They also ensure efficiency as instead of phoning the airline, hotel, and transportation company to explain the changes in your journey, you just call your TMC who does it all for you. 


7. Their policy compliance

If you have employees booking travel it’s easy for them to sway from the policy especially if they are not being monitored. This can lead to employees overspending on business travel. On the other hand, if you use a TMC once they know your travel policy, it becomes an integral part of the booking process. They make sure to book travel according to the agreed rates and rules. This also allows a more standardised process which enforces your policies and keeps costs under control.


Although some businesses may see a TMC as an additional cost the benefits and services that come with using a TMC are of high value. By using a TMC for your business travel you receive cost-effective and efficient travel. The services and resources provided to a business can achieve cost reductions in their business travel expenses. 

In conclusion, having a travel management company handle your business trips will save your business money and time. The Travel Group are industry experts who understand how important cost-effective travel is for business. Their travel consultants are ready to help save you money and plan a productive, successful business trip. If you want to find out more complete a free travel assessment and see what they can do for your business. 

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Duty of Care for Business Travel – Everything businesses need to know

Duty of Care for Business Travel – Everything businesses need to know

Duty of Care for Business Travel – Everything businesses need to know

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If your business needs your employees to travel for work then it is your ethical and legal responsibility to ensure a plan is in place to look after them. This plan is known as duty of care, it is a detailed plan of all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks of a business trip. This plan is to make sure no employee is injured while travelling and ensures there are no legal ramifications for the business.

Below we will cover all the big questions about duty of care so you are well aware of what your responsibilities are and how important duty of care is for your employees and your business.

Let’s start with the basics. 

Planning and taking precautions to reduce risks demonstrates your concern for your employees’ safety.

What is Duty of Care?

Duty of care means a moral obligation to maintain the security, safety and well-being of others. For businesses, this means doing whatever you can to keep your employees out of harm’s way during a business trip. In a business, duty of care is a corporate policy and legal requirement that makes sure businesses prioritize the physical and emotional safety and well-being of employees. This policy includes a variety of risks like health and safety, fire safety, stress, violence, discrimination, bullying, and more. During a business trip duty of care will cover various travel-related risks. 


Why is Duty of Care Important?

Showing your employees that they are supported by you when they are travelling for business is important. Employees want to have peace of mind while on business trips and feel they are safe and cared for. Most companies already have a duty of care procedure for the office that states the plan of action for various emergencies. These plans of action aren’t just for logistic reasons but are also a legal obligation. These plans are also necessary for employee safety when on business trips and travelling on your behalf. 

Business travellers are constantly exposed to new risks and businesses need to ensure their safety as best as they can to avoid breaching duty of care and potential civil liability. Becoming dangerously ill or sudden political unrest arising are situations that travellers can be faced with and having a duty of care policy that ensures their safety is very important.

What Does Duty of Care look like?

Now that you know what Duty of Care is, what should it cover? There are various examples of what duty of care looks like in different situations. Businesses often hire Travel Management Companies or use other business travel solutions to cover these scenarios for them with their duty of care services. These services include:

1. Finding Safe Accommodation

2. Offering Emergency Assistance

3. Proving Health and Vaccination guidelines 

4. Organising Travel Insurance

5. Providing Travel alerts and safety information


Is Duty of Care the same as Travel Risk Management?

Duty of care in business travel is your legal obligation to evaluate risks, it’s your responsibility to research, plan and implement a strategy that will reduce the risks for employees on business trips. In a duty of care policy, the business will add a statement that states their commitment to care for their employees with different processes and tactics to stand by this commitment, travel risk management process is one of the strategies used to uphold the company’s duty of care. A company fulfils its duty of care by carrying out travel risk management procedures. Travel risk management is the procedure of anticipating, preventing and reacting to unexpected risks travellers are presented with while travelling. 

To put it more simply duty of care is the alarm that goes off in an emergency and travel risk management is the plan of action for that emergency. 

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

How can you build a duty of care policy?

Every business should have a specific plan for their business traveller. You need to know exactly what all the worst-case scenarios could be so that you as a business are fully prepared for anything that happens. 

Various situations can occur while on a business trip like travel disruptions, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, crime and terrorism, new travel laws, political and social unrest, disease outbreaks and health emergencies. Your duty of care policy should cover all of these situations. 

So where do you start? 

 1. Risk Assessment– You need to start by understanding your business travel. Assessing your business travel risks in general and on specific trips is a good place to start. The goal is to find any threat that your traveller could face while on their journey. This will help you start creating a duty of care policy that fully protects your travellers and your business. It’s a good idea to consult your team and employees when doing your risk assessment so you can include different points of view to make sure you are looking at the whole picture. 

2. Plan and Prevent– Once you are aware of all the risks it’s time to build your plan of action. All business’s duty of care policies will differ but there are some common things to be aware of: Your strategy should include support for travellers before, during and after a trip. You should promote employee wellness and avoid burnout this can be achieved by encouraging manageable schedules during business trips etc. You should always have a plan for emergencies no matter where the destination is. Your plan should be revised and reviewed often as travel risks change and evolve. 

3. Educate and communicate– It is a business’s responsibility to communicate travel policies and educate employees about travel safety. Make sure employees planning trips have access to the duty of care policy. As already mentioned risks change and evolve so having your employees report back to you after a trip regarding your policy is a good idea to ensure your policy is effective and that you are fulfilling your duty of care. 


Fully understanding duty of care can be very complicated but is an essential part of all business travel. Travel Management companies like The Travel Group can make your business travel a lot less stressful. They offer many business travel services including duty of care. Having a dedicated TMC handle all aspects of business travel for you allows you to focus on other important tasks.

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Top 10 Business Travel Agencies UK 

Top 10 Business Travel Agencies UK 

Top 10 Business Travel Agencies UK 

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Outsourcing business travel management has gained much popularity over the years as businesses have become overwhelmed by the time-consuming tasks needed to organise business trips. Businesses are looking for business travel agencies that will help them save money, time and energy. 

Various business travel management solutions can achieve these results but finding the solution that works best for you and your business is important which can seem daunting and confusing. 

But don’t worry we have got it covered. In this article, we will cover the following:

1.  What is Business Travel management?

2. Types of Business Travel Management Solutions.

3. Advantages and Drawbacks of Each Solution.

4. Necessity of a Business Travel Management Company. 

5. 10 Best Business Travel Management Companies in the UK.


Business travel management solutions should make your business trips easier and not more complicated.

What is Business Travel management? 

Business travel management is the process of planning business trips. This process includes many different aspects in order to control, track, and report a company’s travel expenses. 

Business travel management can be implemented by an in-house travel manager or admin professional, or an external business travel agency.  

Types of Business Travel Management Solutions 

Booking for a business trip can be achieved through various solutions. Let’s look at the three main solutions businesses use. 

1. Consumer booking sites

Although they are not designed with business travel in mind many businesses use them and directly make bookings on accommodation or airline websites or use aggregator websites such as Expedia, Airbnb etc. 

2. Travel Management Agencies

Travel management agencies are external companies tasked with handling all business travel aspects for a business. They are industry experts who arrange travel for businesses of all sizes and needs. They cover all details of a business trip including booking flights, arranging accommodation, duty of care, travel support and many other services. Travel management companies find you the best deals and stick to your business’s travel policy.

3. Travel Management Software

Travel management software is a program where all travel arrangements can be handled. These programmes are used to book and manage travel arrangements online. They are normally handled by the business without any external agency. 

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Advantages and Drawbacks of Each Solution.


1. Consumer booking sites


-Bookings can be made at any time of the day.

-Don’t have to waste time on phone calls to make bookings.

-Can access real-time availability of flights and accommodation. 

-Less human errors. 


-Need to compare many websites to find the best prices.

-Have hidden costs like having to pay fees for cancellations or changes.

-Time-consuming and slow process of sending emails back and forth to make a booking. 

-Upfront payments needed.

-No travel support is provided when issues on your trip arise.

-Complicated manual process for reimbursements and expense tracking.

-Very difficult to ensure travel policy is being stuck to.

2. Travel Management Agencies 


-Saves you money as travel management companies can negotiate better prices for flights and hotels. Making your overall trip more cost-effective. 

-Experts in the industry, meaning they can offer advice, optimise travel itineraries, avoid common mistakes and facilitate productive travel.

-They are available 24/7 to help and support travellers, making assistance available at any time, this is very important for emergencies or unexpected changes.

-They save businesses valuable time by handling all aspects of planning a business trip.

-They ensure all travel is in line with company policies. This allows consistency and control. 

-They make the process of booking a business trip smoother and quicker.

-Provide duty of care allowing you and your travellers peace of mind.

-Gather data for you to make more data-driven decisions when it comes to your business trips. 

-Human interaction allows for a more personal relationship and ensures more personalized trips for travellers. 


-Can be a long process of phone calls and emails to sort out travel requirements for your trip. 

-Have to pay a service fee on top of the booking costs.

-They are technology-dependent, which can cause various issues.

-You have to find a good reliable travel management agency you can trust. 

-Can be difficult to make changes last minute. 


3. Travel Management Software


-Instant access for your business to create and change travel plans, which is available 24/7 and not just during working hours. 

-Better deals can be accessed due to software being able to aggregate huge amounts of data quickly. 

-Reduces errors significantly. 

-Gives employees a self-booking option.


-Impractical user experience that travellers don’t like. 

– Difficult to get offshore customer service, which is a huge frustration for travellers. 

-No human support in times of emergencies or unforeseen changes. 

-Can be very complicated and confusing with too many features.

-Unable to control travel when travellers don’t use the tool. 

-Don’t have cheaper options for flights and accommodation available. 

-Impossible to ensure company policy is being stuck to. 

-Data and internet dependent. To access your travel plans, bookings, and itineraries a stable internet connection is needed. 

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Necessity of a Business Travel Management Company.

Booking, planning and organizing business trips are stressful and not always a smooth process. Having a Travel management company handling your business travels is a necessity for all businesses. Travel management companies come with many benefits that allow you to reach your business travel aims. These companies help you reduce costs, allow better time management, create efficiency, and reduce your stress when it comes to business travel. They find the solutions that work best for you and your budget. 

Having a business travel management company guiding you through your business travel journey is important. They are experts in the industry and take time to clearly understand what you need from your business travels. They are also there to give you advice and make sure that the business travel journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible.  


10 Best Business Travel Agencies UK


1. Agiito

Agitto has been in the business travel industry for many years. They are experts at connecting people and specialise in UK travel, meetings and events. They have created a team full of creative minds, innovators and problem-solvers. They take time to understand your culture, people and customers to fulfil your business travel needs effectively. They hold strongly onto their values and ensure these are visible throughout their business. They are also committed to being a responsible business and exhibit this through various avenues like carbon offset, charity and more. 

2. Fello 

Fello makes sure to make every step of business travel as smooth and stress-free as possible. They work hard to provide a better kind of journey as they understand how important the traveller is to a business. They make sure to be by your side through it all and guarantee an exceptional experience every time. They have an experienced team that is committed and empathetic problem solvers. They work with you to develop travel programmes that are best for you. Fello offers personalised service 24/7 and puts the traveller experience first. 

3. The Travel Group

The Travel Group offer business travel management solutions that are built on putting your needs and satisfaction first. They are a complete travel solution that manages all aspects of business travel like vehicle leasing, VIP services, visas, insurance, lodging and more. They provide you with a dedicated travel expert who is available 24/7 to assist you with anything from last-minute changes to lost passports. Their travel experts are some of the finest in the industry with much experience. 

The Travel Group puts high value on honesty, innovation, and hard work as well as other values that represent what is important to them as an organisation. They offer business travel management that is fully customized as they understand every client is different and needs their own solution. They guarantee reduced travel costs and have access to negotiated rates allowing your business travels to be more cost-effective. 


4. Corporate Traveller 

Corporate Traveller has been in the industry for the last 30 years. They provide simpler bookings, unified systems, better user experience and much more. They offer you a dedicated travel consultant to make your travels easier. Corporate Traveller use a travel platform called Melon that can be used for bookings, safety, reporting, policy and expenses all in the palm of your hand. They also promote sustainable business travel and have the tools and team to help you create a greener travel policy. 



Corporate Travel Management offer a unique mixture of customer service, innovative technology and custom programme development allowing greater savings, improved efficiencies and high safety. They provide business travel that is more effective, reliable and enjoyable for all. They offer and design highly customised travel solutions based on your business’s specific needs. CTM create travel solutions for all travel styles and budgets. 


6. Hays travel 

Hays Travel is the largest independent travel agency in the UK which allows them access to negotiated rates with suppliers and airlines. They offer tailor-made company compliance and reporting for every individual business. Their staff are experienced and knowledgeable and can help save you time and money. Their services cover air, rail, hotels, car rentals, visas and more. Hays Travel understands that the main objective of business travel solutions is to save time, money and resources. 



ATPI is a leading group in the corporate travel industry. They offer travel and events solutions to businesses operating in a variety of specialised sectors. ATPI promises to deliver what matters to every single one of its customers. They have 24/7 support, technology that performs, travel compliance, and a team that shares your goals and strives to achieve them. They offer scalable solutions, local knowledge, personal touch, and sector-specific expertise. 


8. CT Business Travel

CT Business Travel offers all the services you would want and more for your business travel with over 30 years of experience. They are focused on delivering high-quality services and support to businesses and their travellers. They take pride in how they look after their clients and employees and their core ethos is providing outstanding service. They provide an inclusive travel programme that includes access to experienced travel consultants, personal service, 24/7 support, duty of care and dual IATA license in the UK and Europe. 


9. ACE Travel

ACE Travel partners their global capabilities with tailored business travel management to provide a comprehensive strategy built around you and your business. They offer pricing plans that work for your budget and your business goals. ACE Travel offer business travel management that is integrated with technology to streamline your business travel. They offer tailor-made travel programmes,24/7 support and advice as well as climate-conscious planning. 


 10. Good Travel

Good Travel aims to simplify your business travel through their expert specialists who care. They ensure to take care of your team so you can focus on what matters. Good Travel offers a human-led service backed by technology. They promise to save you time, focus on the traveller’s needs, increase productivity, cut down costs, reduce your risk and provide sustainable travel solutions. Their core values are people, planet and performance and these are at the heart of their operations and influence everything they do. 


Finding the right business travel management solution for your business is important. With everything that goes into business travel management outsourcing is highly beneficial and can save your business valuable time. The Travel Group offers business travel solutions of top quality that include many highly beneficial services. If you are looking for the best travel management company for your business travel needs book a free travel assessment with The Travel Group and let them show you what they can do for you.

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Business Travel Support – Is it Important? 

Business Travel Support – Is it Important? 

Business Travel Support – Is it Important? 

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It’s extremely important that business trips run smoothly however business travel isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. During a business trip, you can experience many different challenges that can cause problems on your journey. 

These challenges could be delayed or even cancelled flights, unforeseeable changes in weather conditions, unsatisfactory accommodation, lost baggage, etc. In these cases, the traveller can feel stressed, frustrated, and even panicked.  

When this happens your traveller needs quick and effective solutions so they can continue their trip easily. Business Travel Support is there to provide the solutions they need to continue their journey. 

In this article we will look at :

  1. What is Business Travel Support?
  2. Is Business Travel support important?
  3. Types of Good Business Travel Support.
  4. Benefits of Providing Business Travel Support for a TMC. 

Having a travel management company providing you support on your business trip is an important service that allows the traveller peace of mind.

What is Business Travel Support?

Business travel support is an essential service provided by Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to business travellers. This service covers various aspects of travel such as flights, accommodation, transportation, and most importantly emergencies. Most companies looking for a Travel Management Company pay close attention to their business travel support service. They look for a TMC that offers exceptional business travel support to their travellers. 

A TMC team navigates your business travel by creating detailed travel programs, finding solutions to solve difficult itineraries, planning efficient travel to various destinations, and providing emergency travel assistance.


 Is Business Travel Support Important?

Business travel support is more than just receiving friendly service from a TMC agent. A TMC should provide top-quality service and support that helps you have safe travels and allows you to fulfil the purposes of your business trip. They should be able to quickly solve problems that arise unexpectedly. A traveller should be able to have peace of mind knowing that the travel management company is handling whatever problem arises allowing the traveller to focus on the aims and goals of the trip. 

Business travel support is there to create smooth travel without creating a hassle for the traveller. To have a successful, organized, minimal-stress business trip it’s important to have business travel support guiding you through your trip. 

Types of Good Business Travel Support:

1. Emergencies –  Due to unplanned events such as changes in weather conditions, broken vehicles, etc, you might find yourself unable to travel as expected. The TMC team offers support by providing alternative accommodation options at nearby hotels or organizing alternative transportation via bus or train. 

2. Visas and work permits – The visa and work permit application can be a tiresome process for travellers as different countries have various rules and regulations. TMCs handle this process for you and even get visas and permits quicker for you through the services of their corporate travel consultants. This makes the process less stressful and a lot easier for you and your traveller. 

3. Delayed or Canceled flights – Seeing the words flight delayed or flight cancelled is the last thing you want to see on your journey. TMCs have access to a large list of alternative flights to choose from in order for you to arrive at your destination on time. They will also keep in contact with you throughout the whole process until the issue has been resolved and you are on your way again. 

4. Unsuitable Hotels – During a business trip a traveller will most likely have to check into a hotel or some type of accommodation during their journey. If a traveller is unhappy with the hotel’s accommodation, its hygiene, or even its service, a TMC consultant or support assistant will contact the hotel to see if the issue can be resolved. If not the TMC will assist you with finding an alternative hotel nearby that is more suitable. 

5. Personalized Trip – Due to very busy schedules a traveller may lose track of upcoming trips and struggle to find flights, accommodation, and transportation that are in line with the business’s travel policy. TMCs solve this issue by creating personalized trip options. Making sure a trip is personalized to a traveller is very important and ensures a successful business trip and experience. TMCs create traveller profiles and track travellers’ activities to create personalized experiences. TMCs also keep in contact with the traveller via, phonecalls, email, or SMS in order to provide excellent travel service throughout the journey. 

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Benefits of Providing Business Travel Support for a TMC:

Offering Business Travel Support to your customers is a necessary service that comes with many benefits for you, your customers and your company. 

Here are some of the benefits of providing this service : 

  1. Creates loyalty and long-term relationships – You want travellers and businesses who are loyal to your company. A TMC that provides great assistance and support builds trust between the customer and the company. The traveller gains appreciation for your company and the services provided to them. This then leads to the return of customers and the growth of the business. 
  2. Increased profits – Providing customers with a good travel experience and solving all their travel-related issues allows higher productivity for the traveller and increased profits for their business. Again this leads to loyalty and longevity of the relationship and allows you to tackle more of their business trips in the future. 
  3. Greater Business Reputation – Having a reputation for great travel support is what businesses are looking for. This reputation improves your whole brand reputation. With so many other TMCs out there having a great reputation for business travel support puts you at the top. 
  4. Increase in Word of Mouth referrals – When a TMC provides a business with great travel support the business wants to share this with colleagues, peers and other businesses. Despite the digital world we live in people still place more trust in the words of family, friends, or colleagues over advertisements. 
  5. Allows Business Growth – Through feedback from customers a TMC can see exactly what their customers want and need and can use this information to develop better support for customers as well as provide a better trip experience overall. 


In conclusion, having business travel support is fundamental for business trips and allows the employer and employee to feel at ease knowing they will be taken care of. Our travel consultants at The Travel Group are experts in business travel support and are ready to make your business trip less stressful and more productive. Their 24/7 assistance allows problems to be solved quickly and ensures you can continue on your journey with ease. Book a free travel assessment now to find out all they have to offer you and your travellers. 

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Business Travel Itinerary – The ins and outs  

Business Travel Itinerary – The ins and outs  

Business Travel Itinerary – The ins and outs  

Written by

Creating a business travel itinerary is an essential part of any successful business trip. However, it can feel overwhelming and stressful if you don’t know where to start.

There are many factors to consider when creating a business trip itinerary, such as booking and keeping track of flights and accommodations, making transport arrangements, organizing meetings, and much more.

Below we will look at the ins and outs of corporate travel itineraries. We will look at tips for a successful business trip itinerary as well as what needs to be included in one and how travel management agencies can help you create your itinerary.


If you oversee the handling of corporate business trips you need to make sure that your itinerary is well-organized, strategic, and thoroughly thought out. Leaving a bit of room for fun for the traveller. 

Tips for Corporate Travel Itineraries:


1. Find out about the traveller

It’s important to ensure that the travel arrangements are in line with the traveller’s preferences. Knowing if they are vegetarian, enjoy inflight entertainment, enjoy gyming, or are gluten intolerant are details that will make their trip more enjoyable as you book accommodation, meals, and entertainment around their preferences.

2. Thoroughly Plan

Planning in advance every detail of the trip is highly important for a successful business trip. You should plan all meetings, check-in times, flights, transportation, etc, as this leaves room for last-minute changes if necessary. These arrangements should be planned at least one month in advance to make sure everything fits in with the traveler’s schedule as well as give the organizers a chance to check all arrangements. Planning ahead of time can also save you money when it comes to booking flights, accommodation, and transport making it beneficial.

3. Extra Time

The traveller might want some extra time during the trip to either achieve other business tasks or even spend some time sightseeing. See what other activities they might want to do or other tasks they want to complete and add some extra time to the schedule for these things.

4. Priorities

Make sure to prioritize the most important aspects of the trip such as meetings or presentations and organize everything else around these events. Plan enough time before these events in case there are travel delays. This will allow your traveler enough time to prepare for the meeting or presentation and will not have to run from a flight into an important meeting.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Creating the corporate travel itinerary

Let’s look at exactly what should be included in a business trip itinerary :

-Flight details: This includes flight and seat numbers, travel schedule, departure times, arrival times, layovers, travel agency information, airline and reservation information, and important travel details. These details should break down each leg of the trip.

-Transportation details: This includes car rental details and pricing, pick-up and drop-off locations, transfers, parking details if the traveller is self-driving, and maps that show where the venues are for scheduled meetings.

-Accommodation details: This includes details of hotel bookings, check-in and check-out times as well as late or early check-ins and check-outs, hotel information and addresses, reservation details, and phone numbers for taxi drivers and reception staff.

-Trip details: This includes meeting schedules with times and venue addresses, trip planners, daily activities, event or conference information, and contact information for business contacts.

-Other details: This includes tickets for conferences or events, weather details and what to pack, nearby restaurants and coffee shops as well as places of interest, and any other trip-specific information.

Travel Management Companies

As you can see planning for a business trip and creating a detailed itinerary requires a lot of time and effort and can be a stressful experience. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a travel management company to do it all for you. Travel management companies have travel experts who have experience in business trip planning. They take care of all aspects of your trip including travel itineraries, bookings, and planning for you and your specific trip.

Besides creating detailed itineraries travel management companies are also able to help when problems and unforeseen circumstances arise. They provide you and your travellers with 24/7 assistance and support. They offer many services to help plan corporate travel. TMCs are there to take the stress out of your hands and ensure a successful business trip. They take the information provided by you and create an itinerary that will ensure all purposes of the trip are covered.


To sum it all up having a well-planned, detailed itinerary is an important part of having a successful business trip. An itinerary is something that a business should pay great attention to and should be a main priority in the business trip planning process. At  The Travel Group, we take pride in creating business trip itineraries that are detailed and fit all the specific needs of you and your traveller. Our professional travel consultants are ready to chat with you and help you plan a successful business trip that is well-organised and productive.

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Corporate Travel Services – The Complete Guide

Corporate Travel Services – The Complete Guide

Corporate Travel Services – The Complete Guide

Written by

For a business to implement an effective travel management plan it is essential to understand the corporate travel services that go into travel management, how they work, and why they are important. With this understanding, you will be able to better identify the right travel management company or program for you and your business. Allowing you peace of mind for your business travel.

Choosing the right Travel mangement company or program is essential for your business trips to be successful.

What are Corporate Travel Services? 

Corporate travel services are services provided by a travel management company or program to ensure a successful business trip. They do all the necessary work to make sure your business travel is easy, affordable, well-planned, and productive.  

 Corporate travel management has many different services such as:  

  1. Setting Itineraries  
  2. Providing Travel Support  
  3. Duty of Care 
  4. Competitive Pricing 
  5. Booking Accommodation 
  6. Organizing Transportation 
  7. Identifying Costs and developing a travel policy 
  8. Reporting and Data Analysis 
  9. Organizing Meetings and events  


Now that we know the various services, let’s dive in and look at what each of these corporate travel services include.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

1. Setting Itineraries

There are many different variables on a business trip and keeping track of everything can be a huge undertaking, taking away from the focus of the trip. That’s why it’s essential to have a travel itinerary for your business trip to run smoothly and to be productive. A travel itinerary ensures you are fully prepared for the trip and have all aspects covered and organized.  

Travel itineraries cover meeting schedules, restaurant reservations, transportation, hotel bookings, and a complete order of events taking place with times, locations, and transportation already included, leaving the traveller to focus on the purpose of the trip and not all the small, time-consuming details.  

Travel Management companies understand that each business trip is unique and has different variables to consider and plan for. They therefore take the stress out of your hands by creating travel itineraries that are tailor-made to your business as well as to the specific business trip, ensuring a successful, organized trip.  


2. Providing Travel Support 

Travel support is an essential corporate travel service. As a business you want to know that the traveller for your business trip is taken care of, and someone is ready to provide support and help no matter what, ensuring a safe journey.  

Travel support includes finding alternative flights if your flight is delayed or cancelled, helping in times of emergencies by solving whatever issue arises, finding alternative accommodation for unsatisfactory lodgings, organizing visas and work permits, and creating tailor-made experiences specific to you or your traveller’s needs and wants.  

Most travel management companies provide assistance 24/7 so that you get the support you need at all times, giving you and the traveller peace of mind.  


3. Duty of Care 

Corporate travel management provides a duty of care service for your business trip. This means that the travel management company makes sure to research and anticipate any potential risk to the traveller during the trip. They also implement preventative measures appropriate to ensure the safety of the traveller and have a plan ready to be used quickly and effectively in case of an emergency during the journey at any point. 

This duty of care service is normally implemented and managed through a corporate travel policy. Duty of care is an important service provided as businesses have a legal obligation to their employees and need to make sure travellers are safe so that no duty of care is breached leading to potential civil liabilities. Duty of care also provides a message that your business sees safety as a priority as well as the well-being of employees allowing your employees to have confidence in you.  

Duty of care in corporate travel management can be provided through travel alerts and safety information, emergency assistance, health and vaccination information, travel insurance, safe accommodation, and safe transportation.  


4. Competitive Pricing

Business travel can become expensive rapidly, that’s why corporate travel management provides competitive price negotiations on your behalf. Travel management companies make sure to find the best-priced flights, transportation, accommodation, and anything else you might need for your business trip. They work closely with you to understand your budget for business travel and ensure to find pricing that works for you. 

This service makes sure your business isn’t wasting money when it comes to business travel while still getting the quality you want for your business trips. This service takes a lot of stress and worry out of your hands and allows you to focus on other more important things. 


5. Booking Accommodation

 Corporate travel management includes handling all the booking of accommodation for your business trip. This service ensures that you save time and money. Some corporate travel agencies also provide group booking management taking the stress of booking and organizing conferences or retreats away from you. 

A corporate travel agency’s main goal in booking accommodation for you is finding the best rates while still upholding your business travel standards. 


6. Organizing Transportation 

Business travel requires many modes of transport during the journey. Researching and booking the right dates and times is time-consuming as many factors need to be taken into account. 

Corporate travel management provides this service knowing it plays a significant role in a successful business trip. For your trip to produce the results you want your transportation from point to point needs to be well organised and thoroughly thought out and planned. 

Corporate travel agencies understand the importance of transportation for business trips and plan each step thoroughly ensuring the best routes and modes of transport for your trip, organizing every detail of your travel. 


 7. Identifying Costs and developing a travel policy

There are many costs to consider when planning a business trip and for you to budget correctly you need to know all the costs involved not leaving anything out. This corporate travel service allows you to know that every cost has been covered and considered creating a realistic budget for your business trip without any surprises. 

A travel policy is an essential document to have for business travel. A travel policy is your business’s rules and procedures that make employees aware of how they should spend during travel for business purposes. For your travel policy to clearly state your standards and expectations during business travel is important. 

Corporate travel management handles both identifying costs of business travel and assisting with creating a fair, realistic travel policy for your business. 


8. Reporting and data analysis

Reporting and analyzing business travel is essential and highly beneficial for all businesses. Effective reporting can help you make improved data-driven decisions about money allocations and budget management, find cost-saving opportunities, ensure travel policy compliance, and keep track of all expenses.  

Corporate travel management uses reports and analyzes data to find solutions and recommend better spending management for business travel. 


9. Organizing meetings and events

Planning some event or meeting is necessary for most business travel. This requires a lot of organizing and preparation to ensure it is successful.

Corporate travel management makes sure to plan and create events and meetings that offer a great experience for all. This corporate travel service includes finding the perfect venue for you, planning the agenda, creating the theme for the event, organizing travel and transfers for attendees, booking accommodation and meals, sourcing entertainment, and reporting and analysis of the event.

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Should I have someone handle my Corporate Travel Management?

The simple answer is YES! Corporate travel management involves various services that can be time-consuming, costly if not done right, and frustrating. Having a company or program manage it for you is beneficial saving you time, and money, and also reducing the stress around business trips allowing you to focus on the purpose of the trip. These companies and programs are experts in this industry and know how to plan and organize a successful business trip.

To maximize your business travel, it’s best to have a professional travel management company handle everything for you.

Are Corporate Travel Services a necessity for your trip?

Corporate travel services are necessary for any business trip. These services allow the trip to run smoothly and allow you to fulfil the purpose of the trip. These services handle all the finer details of your trip, allowing you to focus on other important matters. In order for your business trip to be a successful one corporate travel management is essential and needed.

Who does Corporate Travel Management?

Many companies, agencies, and even programs can assist with your corporate travel management offering various solutions and services. Researching and understanding the services provided is important to find the best solution for you and your business. Once you know what you are looking for choosing the option best for you and your business will be easier.


In conclusion, having someone else handle your business travel is highly beneficial and something all businesses should invest in. Not only does it save you time and money but also makes business travel easier for your travellers leading to more productivity. If you need help with Corporate Travel Services, contact our expert travel consultants at The Travel Group for assistance. We specialize in corporate travel services and are ready to help plan the perfect business trip for you and your travellers. We take pride in offering our clients top-quality, professional corporate travel services. Book a free travel assessment today and let us show you what we can do for your business trips. 

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Mastering Productivity When Travelling on Business

Mastering Productivity When Travelling on Business

Mastering Productivity When Travelling on Business

Written by

Business travel is a great way for businesses to close deals, meet clients face to face, attend conferences and networking events, as well as explore and learn about new markets. However, if you are not careful and strategic about your business trips it can become a big productivity drain. Figuring out how to be productive and balancing work and travel on a business trip is a valuable skill for business travellers.

The main way to increase productivity on your business trip is to thoroughly plan. The more planned and organised you are the less likely you are to waste time unnecessarily during your trip.

Another important way to increase your productivity is by setting boundaries between your work life and your personal life when you are on a business trip. Don’t feel obliged to attend extra meetings or social engagements, it’s important to take care of yourself on business trips so that you can fulfil the goals and objectives of the trip. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly.

Delegating tasks to others can also help you be more productive. This will also then free up time for you to focus on other important things. Using technology can also be an advantage. There are many apps and tools that can help you stay organized and productive on your journey.

Things happen and don’t always go according to your plan, therefore you need to be prepared to be flexible. A flight is delayed or your meeting being cancelled can derail your entire day, so make sure you can easily change your plans and still be productive.

Below we will look at ways you can take care of the above, and make the most out of your business trips. We want to help you master productivity so that you can come back feeling refreshed and not drained.

Mastering productivity when travelling is an essential skill that business travellers need to develop so that they can have successful business trips.

Plan and Prioritise Your Tasks

Start by making a list of all the tasks you need to complete during your business trip, these tasks can be both work-related and personal. Tools like calendars or To-do lists can help you plan and organise your tasks by category, urgency, or importance.

Once you have made your task list, you need to choose which tasks are most important or most urgent. You can prioritise your tasks by sorting them into different categories, like for example, to-do first, to-do later, delegate, or delete.

You then need to assign enough time for each task in your calendar. Google Calendar or Outlook can help you to schedule your tasks and sync them with your devices which will ensure you are always staying on top of it all. Remember to consider your travel plans when assigning time to your various tasks and make sure to leave some open time in case of unexpected delays or changes.

Keeping your colleagues informed of your progress or any issues you encounter is also important. Communicating with your colleagues and sharing your work can help you stay productive. Make sure you are updating your task list and calendar as you complete or modify your tasks so you know what has been completed and if you are on track with your tasks.


Optimise Your Travel Time

Make sure you are using your travel time wisely. Your time in a bus, in a taxi, or on a flight in between destinations is the perfect time to catch up on emails, check documents, or do a task. Using your travel time to do these things will allow you to free up more time for other activities during your business trip. This time is also a great opportunity for you to plan your itinerary, research your destination, or even get ready for your meetings. Using this time to rest is also highly beneficial and will allow you to be more productive. 

During your travel time try to minimize the noise around you as best as you can, and avoid things that can distract you from your work or your rest. Making use of headphones, or do-not-disturb modes can help you to be completely focused on the task or to ensure you rest well without interruptions. Communicating with your colleagues or clients about your travel schedule can also help you avoid unnecessary calls or messages.


Stay Connected and Communicate

Staying connected and communicating with colleagues and clients is also an important way of staying productive. As the networks are different in various countries try to find a network provider that offers plans that give you access to your phone’s data abroad without having to pay high roaming charges. You could also buy a local SIM card that will give you access to that country’s network and internet at a much lower cost than roaming.

Another option is finding a SIM card that could work in multiple different places. However, this might not be that necessary as most hotels offer free or cheap Wi-Fi to their guests, which can be extremely convenient and cost-effective. Before you start your journey check in with your hotels to see if they do have Wi-Fi so that you are prepared and if they don’t you can find another solution well in advance and don’t have to stress about staying connected in a foreign country.

While on your business trip make sure to use cloud storage so you are still able to access and share your work even if you are unable to connect to a reliable network. This will ensure that you stay productive no matter where you are. 

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Leverage Local Resources and Opportunities

Making use of local services, facilities or networks is a great way to stay productive while on a business trip. This will also help you save costs and connect with other professionals during your journey. 

Many countries offer coworking spaces which offer shared offices, desks, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and many other convenient amenities that will ensure you stay on top of your work and stay productive during your business trip. These facilities are perfect for remote workers, freelancers or entrepreneurs and allow you to have a comfortable and productive environment to work in while being able to access local resources and opportunities.


Evaluate and Improve Your Productivity on Business Trips

On a business trip, it’s important to measure and track your productivity. By doing this you can enhance your performance, optimise your time more effectively, and explain your travel and expenses while travelling.

It’s always a good idea to set clear and achievable goals and objectives you want to achieve on your business trip before you start your journey. You should be able to measure your success through revenue, leads, feedback or satisfaction. 

There are many productivity tools and apps available to help you plan, organise, track and report your work during a business trip. You can also use data and analytics to measure and keep track of your productivity while on your trip. This data and be collected from productivity tools, travel management systems, booking channels etc. Using this data you can then analyse it to calculate your KPIs for travel management. 

Once your business trip has been completed you should review and reflect on what you have achieved and compare that to the goals and objectives you set at the start of your business trip. This will help you to see what went well and what didn’t, as well as what challenges or opportunities you came across during your trip. Reflecting on a business trip is a necessity and will help you identify what you learned, and what you need to do in the future to improve your productivity. 


Keeping productive is extremely important if you want to have a successful business trip. Corporate travel management can help you to do this as travel management companies handle all the essential aspects of business travel for you so you can focus on what is important and ensure you achieve the goals of your business trip. 

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Networking Strategies for Entrepreneurial Travelers

Networking Strategies for Entrepreneurial Travelers

Networking Strategies for Entrepreneurial Travelers

Written by

The Best Networking Strategies for Entrepreneurial Travelers

For business owners, expanding their networks through travel, meeting new people, and learning about new prospects can be extremely beneficial goals to pursue. However, you may confront difficulties such as language, culture, time, or geography when attempting to network while you are travelling, so be prepared for this possibility.

Let us discuss some effective networking strategies for business travellers, with the goal of assisting you in making the most of your visits and expanding your company in the process:

In this article we will discuss the best networking strategies for entrepreneurial travelers:

How do you build your professional network in a way that is both successful and efficient when you are on the road?

Define Your Networking Goals and Objectives

You should have a crystal clear notion of what you want to achieve from your networking activities before you travel, such as finding new clients, partners, investors, mentors, or peers.

This will help you plan accordingly. In addition to this, you need to determine who your target audience is, such as the sector, subfield, geographic area, or demographic profile of the people with whom you want to network.

Research and Plan Your Networking Opportunities

Before you leave on your trip, you need to find out which networking opportunities will best help you achieve your goals and objectives by conducting some research and doing some planning. You can identify related events, communities, or organisations in your location by using online platforms such as LinkedIn, Meetup, Eventbrite, or Facebook Groups.

You may also identify coworking spaces, cafes, and other venues where you can meet other professionals by using resources such as online directories.

Prepare Your Networking Materials and Pitch

You should prepare your networking materials and pitch before you travel to make a good impression and communicate your value proposition effectively. You should have a professional and updated LinkedIn profile, business cards, website, portfolio, or resume. You should also have a concise and compelling pitch that summarizes who you are, what you do, and what you offer or seek.

Reach Out and Follow Up with Your Contacts

Before, during, and after your trip, you need to reach out to your contacts and keep in touch with them so that you can create rapport and trust with them.

You can introduce yourself, express your interest, confirm your presence, ask for referrals, or organise meetings by sending an email, posting on social media, using a messaging app, or calling someone on the phone.

Following your trip, you should follow up with the people you met to express your gratitude for their time. It is important to provide value as well as proper feedback or suggest any possible next steps.


Be Respectful and Adaptable

By being respectful and adaptable towards people from different cultures, entrepreneurial businessmen can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone involved. This can lead to increased productivity, innovation, and profitability.

Networking is an important part of entrepreneurship. It is how entrepreneurs build relationships with potential customers, partners, investors, and other resources. In today’s globalised economy, it is more important than ever for entrepreneurs to be respectful and adaptable towards people from different cultures because:

· The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Businesses are no longer confined to local markets. You are competing with companies from all over the world so in order to succeed, entrepreneurs need to be able to build relationships with people from different cultures.

· Different cultures have different ways of doing business. What is considered polite or respectful in one culture may be offensive in another. Entrepreneurs need to be aware of these cultural differences and adapt their behaviour accordingly.

· Building relationships takes time and effort. It is important to be patient and understanding when networking with people from different cultures. Although it may take longer to build trust and rapport, it will be worth it in the long run.

· Being respectful and adaptable shows that you are open-minded and willing to learn. This can make you more attractive to potential partners and investors.

There are many ways to show that you are respectful and adaptable towards people from different cultures when networking.

· Learn more about the cultural norms of the people you are networking with through preliminary research. These norms include things like body language, eye contact, and gift-giving.

· Be open-minded and non-judgmental in your search to show that you are willing to learn about different cultures and perspectives.

· Be patient as it takes time to build relationships with people from different cultures and also be flexible as you will probably have to adapt your behaviour to the cultural context.

By being respectful and adaptable towards people from different cultures, entrepreneurs can build stronger relationships and networks that will help them succeed in business.

Here are some practical examples of how being respectful and adaptable towards people from different cultures can benefit an entrepreneurial businessman:

· An entrepreneur who is networking with potential customers in a foreign country should perhaps avoid making eye contact too soon, as this can be considered rude in some cultures.

· An entrepreneur who is pitching their business to a group of investors from different cultures may want to tailor their presentation to the specific cultural norms of each investor.

· An entrepreneur who is hiring employees from different cultures may want to be aware of the different cultural expectations around things like work-life balance and communication styles.

Measure and Track Your Networking Results

You want to measure and keep track of the results of your networking activities in order to assess your effectiveness and enhance your strategy.

When it comes to managing your contacts and interactions, you can make use of a variety of software applications, which will make your task easier. You can also quantify the performance of your networking efforts using metrics such as the number of contacts you made, the number of meetings you attended, the number of referrals you were given, the number of leads you generated, the number of sales you successfully closed, or the number of opportunities you created.

The bottom line is that you would want to develop those strategies that specifically work for you and you company and can be successfully adapted by all your co-workers

Corporate travel management is an essential aspect of many businesses, networking opportunities, and the expansion of global operations.

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The Importance of Emergency Contacts: Creating a Safety Network for Corporate Travel

The Importance of Emergency Contacts: Creating a Safety Network for Corporate Travel

The Importance of Emergency Contacts: Creating a Safety Network for Corporate Travel

Written by

Creating a Safety Network for Corporate Travel

Creating a safety network for corporate travellers is very important, as it can help them avoid or deal with potential dangers and risks while traveling for business.

A safety network is a system of communication, support, and assistance that can help travellers in case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, a health crisis, or a personal accident.

In this article we will discuss why creating a safety network for corporate travel is essential:

One of the most important elements of an adequate safety network for corporate travellers, are understanding the importance of emergency contacts in creating such a safety network.

Benefits of Creating a Safety Network for Corporate Travellers

The knowledge that business travellers always have someone they can count on and someone they can contact in the event that something goes wrong can significantly improve their level of confidence and comfort while they are away from home.

Because they can receive timely updates and information about their destination and any potential threats or issues, it can reduce their stress and anxiety while they are travelling, which in turn can improve their productivity and performance because they can focus on their work objectives and goals without worrying about their safety and security.

The health and well-being of business travellers can be protected through a safety network that provides rapid and simple access to emergency contacts. This allows business travellers to receive medical attention and help in the event that they become ill or wounded while on the road.

Last but not least, a reliable safety network can protect the data and documents of travellers while they are on the road by enabling the travellers to store the information and documents in a safe place and to retrieve them in the event that they are misplaced or stolen

Different Ways to Create a Safety Network for Corporate Travellers

Utilise the services of a travel management company (TMC) that is able to offer travellers support, direction, and assistance before, during, and after their trip around the clock. A travel management company (TMC) is able to assist with the booking, tracking, modifying, or cancelling of travel plans as required.

Create a travel risk management (TRM) plan that can identify, evaluate, and eliminate the dangers connected with a variety of locations and circumstances. In the event of an emergency, the passengers, their employers, and the TMC can each have specific duties and obligations, which can be outlined in a TRM strategy.

It is important to provide travellers with the tools and gadgets they need to remain connected and informed when they are away from home. This may include things like smartphones, laptops, chargers, adapters, virtual private networks (VPNs), apps, and maps, among other things.

Before they leave, travellers should be encouraged to provide their safety network with their travel schedule as well as their contact information. This way they will be able to maintain contact with their network and keep it informed of their current position and circumstances. In the event of an emergency, it can also help their network locate them and help them.

Emergency contacts are a vital component of developing a safety network for corporate travellers because they are in a position to offer support, assistance, and direction in the event of an emergency.

Why Emergency Contacts Are Important for Corporate Travellers

Emergency contacts can assist the corporate traveller in obtaining medical assistance in the event that a person becomes ill or wounded while on a business trip. They are also able to communicate the traveller’s status and whereabouts to the traveller’s family, employer, and insurance company.

Emergency contacts are able to aid the traveller in the event that the person comes across any threats, risks, or emergencies while they are on their trip. They are also able to provide the visitor with advice on how to be safe, avoid hazards, and adhere to the laws and regulations of a host country.

If the traveller experiences any delays, cancellations, or modifications in their travel arrangements, emergency contacts will be able to assist them in managing these disruptions more effectively.

If the traveller feels overwhelmed, isolated, or unhappy while they are away from home, these emergency contacts can assist them in coping with the stress and worry that they are experiencing.

In general, emergency contacts are able to offer the passenger encouragement, comfort, and support on an emotional level.

Creating A Safety Network For Corporate Travel

Examples of Emergency Contacts for Corporate Travellers

A travel management company (TMC) is able to provide corporate travellers with support, direction, and help before, during, and after their trip around the clock. A travel risk management (TRM) team is able to monitor, analyse, and reduce the risks that are connected with a variety of locations and scenarios.

A travel risk management team is responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the safety and security of corporate travellers. They have to identify and assess the potential risks that travellers may face on their journeys, such as extreme weather events, social unrest, terrorism, natural disasters, public health events, etc.

The TRM develop and implement mitigation strategies to prevent or reduce the impact of those risks, such as travel policies, insurance plans, training programs, protection services, etc. The team communicates and educates travellers about the risks and the mitigation strategies, as well as their roles and responsibilities in case of an emergency.

Further to that, the TRM monitor and update travellers on the current situation and any changes or issues that may affect their travel plans or safety and provide support and assistance in case of an emergency, such as medical care or an evacuation.

The human resources (HR) department of their employer is the one that is responsible for handling corporate travellers’ travel policy, insurance claims, and emergency procedures.

The family members or close friends of corporate travellers, who are able to provide them with personal assistance, medical treatment, and communication while they are away from home.

The nearest embassy or consulate of corporate travellers, which is able to help them with concerns relating to their passports, as well as legal difficulties and evacuation plans in the case it might be needed.

Corporate travel management is an essential aspect of many businesses, facilitating face-to-face meetings, networking opportunities, and the expansion of global operations. 

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The Perks of Travelling with Colleagues

The Perks of Travelling with Colleagues

The Perks of Travelling with Colleagues

Written by

Travelling With Colleagues The Pros and Cons

Overall, there are many benefits to travelling with colleagues on business trips. If you have the opportunity to do so, take it. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Traveling with colleagues can help you build stronger relationships with them, as well as with potential clients, partners, or suppliers that you may meet on your trip. It enables you to have more effective and productive meetings with them, as well as with other stakeholders, than relying on virtual communication. It can expose you to different perspectives, ideas, and practices that can inspire you and enhance your creativity and innovation as well as help you balance work and play, reduce stress and improve your well-being.

It depends on the situation and the preferences of the colleagues, but there can be several benefits of traveling together on business trips.

Some Major Perks of Travelling with Colleagues

Travelling with co-workers can help you develop stronger bonds with them. You will have the chance to get to know them better on a professional and personal level which can result in a more collaborative and supportive workplace.

When travelling with colleagues, you can benefit from each other’s experiences and viewpoints to help you improve professionally as well as personally. It allows you to share ideas and collaborate on initiatives which might assist you in developing new and innovative solutions to challenges.

Travelling to a distant nation allows you to encounter new cultures and learn about alternative ways of doing things. This can help you become more adaptive and open-minded.

Travelling together may be a lot of fun – you can discover new places, experience new foods, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Companies will occasionally provide reductions on travel expenses for employees who travel together. This can help you save money on your trip.

Travelling with co-workers might provide you with the peace of mind that you will have someone to assist you if you require it, which is especially useful if you are travelling to a new location or are feeling overwhelmed.

How to Make the Most of Travelling with Colleagues:

Of course, traveling with colleagues also has some challenges, such as privacy, compatibility, and expectations. Therefore, it is important to communicate clearly and respectfully with your colleagues before, during, and after the trip, and to respect each other’s boundaries and preferences.

· Be respectful of each other’s time and space.

· Be flexible and willing to compromise.

· Be open-minded and willing to try new things.

· Be patient and understanding.

· Be a good listener.

· Be willing to help out.

Following these tips will help you make your business trips with colleagues a positive and productive experience every time.

Common Challenges of Travelling with Colleagues

Travelling with colleagues can be a great way to build relationships and get work done, but it can also pose challenges like the following:

Everyone has a different working style, which can be difficult when you share a place. For example, one person may be a morning person who like to get up early and begin working, whilst the other may be a night owl who wants to work late into the night.

It can be tough to find time for seclusion whether sharing a hotel room or an apartment. This can be especially difficult if you’re working on sensitive tasks. When you spend a lot of time together, there will inevitably be some disagreement. This can range from a disagreement over where to eat to a more severe conflict over employment. Jet lag can make it difficult to be productive, as well as cause mood changes and anger.

The Perks Of Travelling With Colleagues

How to Avoid and Manage Challenges

It is very important to respect your colleagues working habits and find ways to compromise, create boundaries and respect each other’s space. It’s also important that you can resolve conflicts constructively. 

Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Communicate your expectations and concerns to your colleague before you start your journey, this will help to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings. Ensure you and your colleague know what each of you want to achieve during the trip as this will help you stay focused and be productive.
  • During your trip, you will have to be open to compromise and be willing to adjust to what your colleague may need as this will ensure a more pleasant travel experience. Things change unexpectedly on business trips so you need to be prepared to change your schedule and plans were needed. 
  • Create and communicate clear boundaries when it comes to your work and personal time. Make sure that both of you get the space you need.
  • It’s important to be patient with your colleagues and yourself as travelling, especially for business can be very stressful. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods and regularly exercising. This will ensure that you are keeping healthy and staying productive during your business trip. 
  • Where you can choose a travel partner that you get along with and who is similar to you when it comes to how you work. This will help to make the trip more pleasant and effective.
  • Business trips aren’t just about having fun and sightseeing, you need to be ready to work hard and need to ensure that you are getting things done on your trip. You need to be prepared for long hours and will have to make some sacrifices to ensure a successful trip.
  • Travelling with a colleague is a great opportunity for you to learn from each other’s knowledge and mindsets. Take this time to learn from them, ask questions, share ideas and grow from each other. 
  • Business trips are also a great way of building relationships with your colleagues. Take some time to get to know them better. This will also help to ensure that you both work more effectively together. 
  • Business trips open up the opportunity to expand your network with other professionals. Networking could open up doors to new business opportunities or even new jobs.
  • Stay on top of your game and make sure you are always well-organised. Make sure you are keeping track of your itinerary, flights etc. Doing this will ensure you avoid any problems or mistakes. 
  • During a business trip, things can change unexpectedly, so you need to be prepared for any circumstance. These changes could be delays, cancellations, changes in weather conditions etc, so make sure you are ready for changes and have suitable solutions ready.
  • It’s also very important to try and relax and enjoy the trip. Although business trips are stressful try to also have some fun. Take the whole experience in and enjoy it, and make sure to create memories. 


For your business trip to go well, you need to understand your colleagues and work together to achieve the goals of the business trip. Business trips can be very stressful but at The Travel Group, we have Corporate travel solutions that will help you make the most out of your business trip and take some of the stress off you and your collegues. 

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Top 10 travel destinations for entrepreneurs

Top 10 travel destinations for entrepreneurs

Top 10 travel destinations for entrepreneurs

Written by

Best Destinations for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for fresh possibilities, sources of inspiration, and relevant connections.

Travelling is a wonderful method to not only accomplish these objectives but also to unwind, refresh, and enjoy oneself along the route.

Whether you are looking for a city that inspires your creativity, a country that provides a favourable atmosphere for business, or a location that blends work and leisure, you will find something on this list that meets your requirements.

But first, here are some reasons why these travel destinations are considered to be the best for entrepreneurs:

• These cities are home to a significant number of enterprises in their early stages of development as well as aspiring business owners, and they provide a wide range of resources and assistance for companies.

• They have a thriving commercial sector, the economies in these places are robust, and the business communities there are thriving. This indicates that there are a great deal of options available for business owners to network with one another.

• The cost of living in some of these places is significantly lower than in others, making it possible for start-up companies to operate profitably.

• These cities have a strong infrastructure, healthcare, and education system, which contribute to a high quality of life among the residents.

• Because of these cities’ excellent connections to the rest of the world, it is convenient for businesspeople to travel to other parts of the world to meet with clients and business partners.

These 10 destinations are a great place to start.

Ultimately, the best travel destination for an entrepreneur will depend on their individual needs and goals.

1. Silicon Valley

• Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

• Attractions include Stanford University, Googleplex, Apple Park, Facebook headquarters, and the Tesla factory

• The climate in Silicon Valley is Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average temperature in January is 57°F (14°C), and the average temperature in July is 72°F (22°C).

This destination is known for being the home of many of the world’s leading technology companies, including Apple, Google, and Facebook. It is also a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. London

• Location: England, United Kingdom

• Attractions include Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, and more.

• The climate in London is temperate, with cool summers and mild winters. The average temperature in January is 43°F (6°C), and the average temperature in July is 64°F (18°C).

London is a global financial centre and a major hub for business and entrepreneurship. It is also home to a thriving start-up scene.

3. New York City

• Location: New York, New York, United States

• Attractions include Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and more.

• The climate in New York City is humid continental, with hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The average temperature in January is 34°F (1°C), and the average temperature in July is 78°F (26°C).

The city is known for being a major centre for business and entrepreneurship. It is also home to a wide range of resources for entrepreneurs, including incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces.

4. Berlin

· Location: Germany

· Attractions include the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Wall Memorial, Museum Island, Tiergarten Park, and more.

· The climate in Berlin is temperate, with warm summers and cool winters. The average temperature in January is 35°F (2°C), and the average temperature in July is 71°F (22°C).

The city is known for being a growing hub for start-ups and entrepreneurship. It is also a relatively affordable city, making it a good option for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Must Visit Destinations For Corporate Retreats

5. Tel Aviv

• Location: Israel

• Attractions include Jaffa, The White City, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Rothschild Boulevard, Ha’Yarkon Park, and more.

• The climate in Tel Aviv is Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average temperature in January is 59°F (15°C), and the average temperature in July is 81°F (27°C).

The city is known for being a vibrant and innovative city with a thriving start-up scene. It is also known for its start-up-friendly policies and its concentration of tech talent.

6. Singapore

• Location: Southeast Asia

• Attractions include Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island, Little India, and more.

• Singapore: The climate in Singapore is tropical, with hot, humid weather year-round. The average temperature is 78°F (26°C).

The city is known for being a business-friendly city with a low corporate tax rate. It is also home to a number of accelerators and incubators that support start-ups.

7. Hong Kong

• Location: East Asia

• Attractions include Victoria Peak, Temple Street Night Market, Big Buddha, Ocean Park, Victoria Harbour, and more.

• The climate in Hong Kong is subtropical, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. The average temperature in January is 54°F (12°C), and the average temperature in July is 85°F (29°C).

Hong Kong is known for being a major financial centre with a strong entrepreneurial culture. It is also a relatively easy place to do business, making it a good option for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

8. Barcelona

• Location: Spain

• Attractions include Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Park Güell, Picasso Museum, Gothic Quarter, and others.

• The climate in Barcelona is Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average temperature in January is 55°F (13°C), and the average temperature in July is 77°F (25°C).

Barcelona is known for being a city with a strong start-up scene and a thriving tech industry. It is also known for its beautiful beaches and its vibrant culture.

9. Paris

• Location: France

• Attractions include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, and more.

• The climate in Paris is temperate, with cool summers and cold, snowy winters. The average temperature in January is 38°F (3°C), and the average temperature in July is 68°F (20°C).

The city is known for being a global city with a strong economy and a thriving business community. It is also a city of culture and history, making it a great place to learn and network.

10. Amsterdam

• Location: Netherlands

• Attractions include the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Dam Square, and Red Light District

• The climate in Amsterdam is temperate, with cool summers and mild, wet winters. The average temperature in January is 39°F (4°C), and the average temperature in July is 67°F (19°C).

The city is known for its relaxed attitude and a thriving start-up scene. It is also a relatively affordable city, making it a good option for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Corporate travel management is an essential aspect of many businesses, facilitating face-to-face meetings, networking opportunities, and the expansion of global operations. 

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Overcoming the Challenges of Long Business Trips

Overcoming the Challenges of Long Business Trips

Overcoming the Challenges of Long Business Trips

Written by

Business trips can be very exciting as well as very rewarding, but they can also be challenging and stressful, especially when they are long and happen often. Long business trips can take a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as your personal and professional relationships. How can you overcome the challenges of long business trips and make them more enjoyable and productive?

Below we will look at some of the main challenges of a very long business trip and how to overcome them are.

In this article, we will share some tips and strategies that will help you overcome the difficulties of long business trips and make sure you make the most of your time away from home.

Not Finding Essential Documents, Clothing or Accessories When You Need Them

It’s common for business travellers to either pack way too much or pack very little, and it’s also very common to forget essential things behind. When going on a business trip it’s important to pack light and smart for your journey. Choosing clothing and accessories that are versatile and work for your destination and purpose is a good place to start. 

It’s also very important that you keep track of your flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel details. Make sure to keep all your travel documents and information in one place, such as a folder or a binder so you always know where to find it and can access it easily. 


Suffering from Jet Lag

When travelling it’s common to experience Jet Lag you may experience symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, or mood swings due to the time differences between your destination and home.

You can overcome this challenge by changing your sleep routine before you start your travels. You can do this by going to bed earlier and getting up later depending on your flight and in which direction you will be flying. 

Planning your flights strategically can also help you