Group Travel for Businesses

Written by Emma Marais

April 26, 2024

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Booking Group travel for businesses can be a messy, frustrating and overwhelming process. Making sure everything is thoroughly planned out and organised is essential for any group travel. As there are so many different moving parts with group travel it’s important to stay organised and plan well in advance.

In this guide, we will give you some tips for booking group travel for business as well as why you should have a TMC handle it for you.

Group travel is a great way for businesses to boost morale and productivity.

What is Group Travel for Businesses?

Group Travel for Businesses is a trip for multiple employees or members of a business or organisation travelling together. These trips can be for various reasons, like conferences, conventions, team-building, retreats or any other business-related event. These trips can be local or international and vary in activities.

What does a Group Travel Manager do?

A Group travel manager is responsible for coordinating and planning the entire group travel. They are responsible for planning the itinerary, booking flights and accommodation, organising transportation, communicating with service providers and ensuring traveller safety. They also advise on logistics and risk management. Group travel Managers are responsible for ensuring every aspect of the trip is planned and organised.

Tips for booking Group travel for Businesses?

Secure booking in advance– This will ensure that everyone is on the same flight or in the same accommodation. This also gives the travellers time to prepare and give everyone peace of mind.

Look out for the best deals– Make sure to research group discounts or rates to stay in line with the budget.

Pay attention to logistics – especially if you have arrivals from various destinations. Make sure that the various flights or arrivals will all arrive at the destination at similar times. Think carefully about accommodation and transport logistics for groups.

Ensure bookings allow flexibility and changes– Group travel can mean times, dates or number of travellers can change. Make sure your booking allows flexibility for these types of situations.

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Benefits of Using a TMC to Book Your Group Travel

Cost Saving: Using a TMC means you have access to exclusive deals or savings that you might not be able to access on your own. TMCs can provide you with better fares for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Efficiency: Using a TMC will ensure that your planning process is quicker and smoother for everyone. They can assist with making arrangements with various vendors, to ensure all the necessary bookings and reservations are made. This one port of call for all your travel arrangements allows the process to be more efficient. Their services also include managing invoices, VAT and much more.

Duty of Care: TMCs offer services that help you plan for any problems or delays while on your journey. A TMC can help you with risk management as well as keeping up with your travellers in real time.

24/7 assistance: A TMC provides you with quality assistance when you need it the most. Using a TMC means you don’t have to go through various vendors and call centres to get the help you need. They have dedicated experts ready 24/7 to assist you with whatever is needed for your journey.

Industry experts: TMCs have a great knowledge of the industry and can provide you with quality advice and assistance. Their extensive experience and knowledge can save your business a lot of money and time.

Travel Policy: A TMC can help businesses create an effective travel policy as well as maintain this policy. Using a TMC also ensures there is travel policy compliance on all business trips.


Why Choose The Travel Group to Book Your Group Travel?

The Travel Group are specialist in group travel and prides itself on providing customers with the best travel experience. They offer businesses comprehensive services that cover everything needed to plan and coordinate a successful business trip. The Travel Group are industry experts and have access to various special reduced rates, from airlines to cruises. These rates ensure your group travel is within budget while getting the most out of your money.

They offer customers fully personalized travel solutions. This means they can personalise your trip for your specific needs so that you can fulfil your goals and objectives without any difficulty.

They provide you and your travellers with support around the clock before, during, and after your journey. Allowing you peace of mind knowing you are being cared for no matter when or where. Their experts are always ready to assist with any emergency or complication that arises.

Their industry knowledge means you will receive the best advice and assistance when it comes to planning and organising your business trip.


In conclusion, planning group travel for business can be stressful and overwhelming with many things to juggle. Make sure that you plan well in advance and look out for the best deals. Using a TMC to handle and plan your group travel is highly beneficial for businesses and will save you precious time and money.




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